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Quietest Hair Clippers | An Unbiased Review | [Budget Friendly]

quietest hair clippers

Best Quietest Hair Clippers

My plan was never to review the hair clippers, but all the credit goes to my wife who encourages me to review some of the quietest hair clippers in the market.

My wife owns a beauty parlor and she knows the importance of the silent clippers.

Frankly speaking, my team has not done any testing for these clippers nor my clientele has given the feedback.

The review is a hundred percent based on my wife opinion and, the feedback that she has received from her clients. By the way, my wife holds a degree in fashion technology and, she has an experience of more than 10 years in the hairdressing field.

Trust me, I am a bit skeptical in writing this post because the words may be mine but the selection, testing, and feedback have come from my wife's clientele.

A silent ambiance at salon plays a major role in retaining the clients and increasing the revenue. Some of the salons even charge higher for providing a peaceful and calm environment.

There are many ways to reduce the echoes, reverbs, and vibrations inside the salon. However, in this post, we will be discussing the benefits of using silent tools and, how it can enhance the quietness quotient in the salon?

A lot of people really get annoyed because of the loud noise coming from the hair clippers and, ignoring this problem as a salon owner may directly impact your revenue.

Business is a tricky thing and, to be in the business, you need to follow the basics.

The customer is king.

As a salon owner, you need to be perfect at selecting the hair tools and products.

You can achieve perfect and peaceful trim using these top 5 quietest hair clippers.

top 5 quietest hair clippers

  1. Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Senior Clipper
  2. Andis Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper
  3. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper
  4. Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper
  5. Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro (Highly Recommended)
In case, you want to know the correct price of the aforementioned quietest hair clippers, then click the link, it will take you to the Amazon.

top 5 quietest hair clippers review

What to consider when buying a quietest hair clipper?

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced person, one thing that you will never wanna mess up is the hair clippers. The grooming process is easy but a small mistake can literally turn off the client. Using a low-quality product can damage the reputation of the salon and, there is a high probability that it may completely change the appearance and, of course not in a good sense.

It's always good to choose a high-quality hair clipper. Well, a high-quality doesn't always mean costly.

A lot many people prefer to have grooming tools that make less noise.

Let's talk about some of the factors that you shouldn't ignore when buying the quietest hair clipper.

Quietest Hair Clippers: Buying Guide

  • Safety
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly
  • Low maintenance cost
  • The device motor

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced one, you need to consider safety as a priority.

A beginner should be careful at using trimming or clipping tools.

You need to look for the products that use quality materials and consists of properly designed guards.

Before buying a clipper, check that whether it has a protective mechanism to prevent accidental hurting or not.

Low maintenance cost and easy to clean:

I prefer products that are easy to clean and, have a low maintenance cost attached to it.

Especially in the case of clippers, you need to buy one that can be easily cleaned. Any product that has a steel blade needs to be cleaned on a regular basis else it may break or malfunction.

Device Motor:

The efficiency and precision of the clipper are directly proportional to the size and power of the motor.

The blade and motor are the two important components of the clippers and, are the ones that dictate the price of the product.

I will request you to NOT go with the low-price motor because the low-quality motor has a low lifecycle and high maintenance cost.

Budget-friendly and User-friendly:

It is recommended to go for a product that is budget-friendly as well as user-friendly. For example, a non-techy guy may feel uncomfortable operating a high-end product with sophisticated features.

A product with complicated and high-end features have a high maintenance cost.

TOP 5 Quietest Hair Clippers Review

1. Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Senior Clipper

Companies thrive to be a Brand. Well, if we talk about the grooming industry, then there isn't any doubt that Wahl is a well known and reputed brand. You can find different product line of this company.

wahl professional hair clipper
Hair Clipper Review
The Wahl professional 5-star series is one of the popular and high-quality product lines and, through this product, the company targets the B2B segment. Mostly, the end customers are the professional hairdressers.

You can expect a laser-sharp trim and, if we talk about the blades and edges, then they are designed in an idiosyncratic way to perform extremely well. Trust me, the blades are really sharp.

This clipper can perform extremely well when it comes to scalp-work such as tapering and fading. It really scores very high on the precision parameter.

The sturdiness plays an important role when it comes to working with sharp trimming and clipping tools. The aluminum metal bottom housing provides the tool the required sturdiness.

The thing that I really loved about this device is the blades have zero-overlap capabilities.

In fact, the package includes lots of accessories and, they are provided to you for some reason. These accessories serve some purposed and, they are meant to make your experience superlative.

If you aren't satisfied with the current precision and, wants to take it to the next level, then you can use an adjustable taper level.

For newbies as well as professionals, it provides a supporting guide that can really inspire you to be more innovative and try some creative ideas.

The company understands the importance of maintaining the blades and motors in the good condition and, keeping this in mind, it provides you with an oil and cleaning brush as a part of the accessory kit.

The company consider safety as the top priority and so, it provides you a blade guard and, as a bonus, you can also expect a styling comb in the accessory kit.

The users' feedback is really promising and positive. Most of the users have appreciated the company's commitment to manufacturing a quiet hair clipper.

The clipper operates so quietly that it can be easily used on the children hairs without offending them with an irritating loud noise.

If you are wannabe hairdresser or someone who doesn't have time to go to the professional stylist on a regular basis, then you can try this device for a professional look. The manual in the accessory kit will be your first and best teacher.

If we don't highlight the new feedbacks, then the review will incomplete.
hair clipper amazon
On the downside, some of the users' reviews depict that the company has sent them the used or returned clippers.

Well, you don't have to worry for that, click my link and go to Amazon to know the current price and, if you will buy using my link, then I will get a small portion for all the hard work that our team has put into research, testing, and executing.

On the performance front, most of the users have found the device to be consistent.

2. Andis Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper

The last one was for the professional hairdressers and, this one is for those who want a simple and clean trim without much complications or accessories.

This hair clipper by Andis performs better when you oil the blade before and after the use.

andis hair clippers reviews
Hair Clippers Review
The other important benefit of oiling the blades is the reduction in the operating noise.

It performs extraordinarily well when used for all-around outlining and fading.

The trimming is very quiet and smooth and, the credit goes to the magnetic motor type. The design supports the motor speed and performance and at the same time, also ensures that the unwanted noise is reduced to the minimal.

If you are skeptical about the noise this product makes, then let me help you with an example.

The product is very quiet and, you can even use it on the hair of small children and, trust me, they will not panic. The device is bound to give a superlative trimming experience with noise next to zero.

You will not find the clippers getting heated even after prolonged use and, this is something you will really adore.

As per the company's claims, the body of the hair clipper is very sturdy and durable and when I crossed verified it with the users' review, it was TRUE.

The clipper is lightweight and easy to carry and, this is made possible because of the use of aluminum in building housing.

I will not say that this clipper isn't for the professionals. Well, the professional designers who are experienced and quick with their hands can make the best use of it.

It's advisable to use it for a prolonged period with some pause in the middle. Some of the newbies have experienced the device getting heated up due to extended use at one stretch.
andis  hair clippers amazon
I would like to mention here that every device has a certain capacity and, stretching beyond it will only result in malfunctioning or complete failure of the device.

It may sound disheartening to many of you, but it's true, the device doesn't come with an additional accessory kit. However, it can be a good option for those who are looking for a heavy-duty clipper with simplified and quiet operation.

3. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

The USP of the OSTER pivot motor clipper is the Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor. The motor performs the operation quietly and at the same time, gives you an added advantage of cutting the dry and wet hair.

This hair clipper is well-know for the styling capabilities and, this is made possible by the clipper ability to adjust the blades between the sizes 000 and 1.
oster hair clippers
Hair Clippers Review

This is perhaps the best quietest hair clipper in the market to start with and, the ergonomic design is an add-on for the beginners. An extra level of security is the result of the good grip that this clipper provides.

If you are looking for the accessory kit, then there is a piece of good news for you.

You can expect 4 different guide combs, a blade guard, lubricating oil, and cleaning brush in the accessory kit.

The accessory kit is definitely a great add-on. You can use the guide comb to blend and style, blade guard will take the safety to the next level, lubricating oil will improve the operation by decreasing the unwanted noise, and the cleaning brush will help you to clean this hair clipper on your own and, thus will reduce the maintenance cost.

Isn't it a complete package for the newbie hairdressers?

Let me know your view in the comment section.

As per the user's experience and review, the product is highly durable, but at the same time, to maintain the low noise level and efficiency, you will have to oil the clipper periodically.

Some of the positive users' feedbacks are consistent even cut, great speed and power, and the quiet operation.
oster hair clippers amazon
On the downside, when asked a few of the users' opened up. They said that the metal teeth of this hair clipper have broken up after using it for a while.

Anyways, you shouldn't get worried about the broken teeth of this clipper because it comes with 1-year warranty and, this time duration is more than enough to replace the defected piece.

Let me know your experience of using OSTER fast feed hair clipper.

4. Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper

The Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper is a heavy-duty clipper and, it comes with a detachable blade.

The motor that this clipper uses is literally powerful and, performs heavy-duty clipping is a very quiet and efficient way.

Andis Hair Clippers
Hair Clippers Reviews
The high-performance motor and is at par with the counterparts in the same category, but the thing that really grabs my eyeballs was the shape and size of this clipper.

The other professional hair clippers in the same category are huge and bulky. The unique design made Andis clipper quite compact and sturdy.

If you are the one who loves to carry a lightweight and portable device, then I will recommend this professional clipper.

The clippers come with a Ceramic Edge blade and that works with all the Andis brand Ultra Edge and Ceramic Edge blades.

The users' reviews depict that this clipper is highly recommended for the fast-paced salon environment.

andis hair clippers amazonThe detachable blade helps you to change the style on a regular basis without making much noise.

You will love the precise, powerful, and speedy cut.

The motor is very powerful and it stands tall against the prickly and thick air.

To get the best out of this product, I recommend you to use it on a regular basis and, try different blades and designs.

Well, It's good to try an innovative product than to regret later.

5. Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro

First of all, I would like to thank you for being with me until the end and, finally, I am reviewing the quietest hair clipper and, of course, my favorite.
The Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro is one of the bestselling and most reviewed quiet hair clippers. Isn't the aforementioned statement more than enough to go for this clipper?

Well, it's not another clipper but a complete kit for hair and beard.

As complement accessories, you can expect styling shears, guide combs, and a cordless touchup trimmer.

It may sound weird but the target segment of this clipper is not the professional hairdressers and salons.

The clipper is manufactured with a motive to encourage beginners and non-professionals to have a great styling moment at their home and most importantly, with the helping hand of the professionals.

This concept has literally brought overnight success to this clipper.

The USP of Wahl Deluxe hair clipper is the PowerDrive Heavy Duty Motor.

All the credit for speed, precision, and quietness goes to this heavy-duty motor.

The precision Ground Blades that you get with this product is self-sharpening. As a result, you can expect the same consistency in the performance in the long-term.

If we talk about the customer's reviews, then most of them are positive, especially the newbies are highly vocal about the features and user-friendly nature of this device.

To name a few, quiet operation, affordable price, useful accessories, and easy to understand guide are the most talked about positive features.
wahl hair clippers amazon
Personally, I am fond of the close trim that it gives.

On the downside, some users have put a question mark on the durability and, limited warranty is something NOT appreciated by the users.

Before we conclude, allow me to share some of the mindboggling product review posts.

Quietest Hair Clippers: Wrapping Up

Without saying my vote goes with Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro. I love to trim at home rather than going to a hairdresser frequently and so, I opted for the Wahl deluxe.

On the other hand, all the quietest hair clippers that made to our list have their share of pros and cons and, depending upon your requirement, you can take a final call.

Needless to say, all are affordable and highly appreciated by the users.


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