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Best Oil Additives For Noisy Lifters | An Unbiased Review

top 5 oil additives for noisy lifters

Being honest, I never thought that I would be writing a blog post on "Best oil additives for noisy lifters", until and unless I was completely ruined by noisy lifters.

Well, this post is gonna be completely informative and, I will mostly discuss my experience. It really sucks when you are stuck in a problem and, even on BIG G, you don't have a solution to your problem.

Even the best of the cars lose elegance and glamour if the engine starts producing some irritating and unwanted noise.

Trust me, there can be numerous reason for a problem and, trying a hit and trial approach may waste loads and loads of your productive time.

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For me, it was literally an awkward situation because I am a soundproof consultant and, my profession says me to keep unwanted noise away from my life.

Struggling with the unwanted engine noises from the car that I bought a few months back was a question mark on my caliber. I never had faced any such problem and, so I wasn't prepared for an effective solution.

In the way to fix the noisy lifters, I tried a lot many things and, one successful attempt introduced me to the world of "Oil Additives". It was the key to my success and, later on, it became an effective source of income for me. Well, I started taking clients who had noisy lifter problems.

Moreover, oil additives aren't the only solution, but without any doubt, it is an effective instant solution.

Allow me to introduce the top 5 oil additives for noisy lifters that made to our list. All these oil additives are either tested by our team or we had received positive feedback about it from our clients.

best oil additive for lifter noise

Best Oil Additives For Noisy Lifters

  1. Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive
  2. Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil
  3. BestLine Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment
  4. TriboTEX Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment (Highly Recommended)
  5. Bar's Products Rislone Engine Treatment Concentrate
Check the current price on Amazon by Clicking the aforementioned links

On behalf of the izzysoundproofing team, I would like to congratulate all the oil additives companies that made to our list. 

It's a tedious process and, we calculate the efficiency, productivity, budget, customer review, and many more on the scale of 1-10 and, 10 being the highest.

For any product to make to our TOP 5 list, it has to perform fairly well on all the aforementioned parameters.

best oil additives for noisy lifters review

Before we jump into the in-depth product analysis, allow me to throw some light on the different types of engine noises.

Valve Train Noise:

These noises have a clicking sound that can be reduced by raising the engine RPMs.

A sticking hydraulic lifter or worn can cause this kind of noise.

Sticking lifters can be the result of low oil pressure or a varnish build up on the lifter surface.

Timing Chain Noise:

A crankshaft is connected to the camshaft with the help of the timing chain to ensure the valve open at the correct time.

The chain rides against the nylon guide which starts to wear after some time. At a point of time, the chain guide loses the ability of the hydraulic tensioner to take up the slack and, then the rattling of the timing chain begins. It is often referred to as "timing chain noise".

Detonation, Pre-ignition Noise:

It is also referred to as "pinging noise" which you often hear when you are accelerating the vehicle.

Sometimes the heat of compression prematurely ignites the air/fuel mixture in the engine leading to a pinging noise.

The name "pre-ignition" is given to this noise because the ignition happens even before the piston reaches the top of its stroke leading to the damage of the pistons, valves or connecting rods.

Connecting Rod Noise:

Excessive clearance between the crankshaft and the connecting rod bearing surface leads to the connecting rod noise.

The bearing crankshaft is damaged due to the low oil pressure causing the bearing to run dry of the lubrication.

It sounds like a knock towards the bottom of the engine.

To hear this KNOCK, you have to hold the throttle at a steady RPM.

Crankshaft Bearing Noise:

It is mainly caused by the low oil pressure which damages the bearing surface. If the problem isn't treated on time, then it may eventually damage the crankshaft itself.

It sounds like rumbling or thumping deep in the engine during the process of acceleration.

Piston Slap:

Most of the high mileage vehicles will have the problem of the piston slap noise.

A crack in the lower piston skirt causes this irritating noise.

Excessive clearance between the piston skirt and the cylinder wall can further aggravate the problem.

You can feel this sound when the engine is cold and, the noise sounds like a hollow clatter deep in the engine.

Piston Pin Noise:

Lack of oil and an excessive clearance between the piston pin and the piston can lead to the piston pin noise.

This noise is very unique as it sounds like a "double knocking".

Whining Noise:

It is really important to understand what whining noise want to say. It indicates that a bearing is on the verge of the failure.

The noise will increase multiple folds as you will increase the engine RPMs.

I hope you have a clear idea of types of noise that an engine can produce. By doing the root analysis of the problem or reverse engineering, the solution can be obtained in less time.

Well, along with the type of engine noises, we have also highlighted the reason for such noises. It will really help you to decide on the solution.

Anyways, let's get back to the topic.

What to consider when buying oil additives?

In case, you wanna do some research on the oil additives available in the market, then I'll recommend you to spend some time on this section. It will widen your knowledge and, will give you a fair idea of what all you need to consider.

However, you may skip this section if you have already done the product research.

Chemical Directory:

When it comes to oil additives, it's really important to have a look at the chemical composition. Remember, different ingredient affects the engine differently.

The presence of certain elements in the additive acts as a "booster" for the engine, but at the same time, the elements should be present within a limit.

For example, the presence of zinc in the additive acts as a catalyst and, it enhances the movement of the internal parts.

Similarly, oil additives with a certain amount of phosphorous really work well against the tear and wear.

However, having a sound knowledge about some key elements can definitely help you to select a good oil additive.

Friction Reduction:

A high level of friction between different engine parts can lead to severe complications.

You can visualize the effect of the friction if your vehicle is continuously running for a few hours.

Well, if you're NOT a mechanical engineer:), then its really a tough task for you to grasp the working concept of an engine. It holds 100% true for me as well.

In the layman language, different metal parts rub against each other to produce friction.

Whether it's lifters or any other engine parts, too much friction can lead to permanent damage.

The problem isn't as big as it sounds. Choosing a correct oil can drastically reduce friction.

All the products that made to our list form a guard around the metallic parts of the lifter.

There are few idiosyncratic products that come with advanced technology that helps the oil to stick around the lifters to guard the parts against creating irritating and knocking noise.

Mile per Gallon (MPG):

The key responsibilities of any engine oil are to optimize the engine performance keeping the tear and wear at the minimal.

The ideal product should be well capable of lubricating the engine parts and, most importantly an increase in MPG.

For example, you tried three different types of engine oils. To know which engine oil performed better, you can use MPG as a scale. 

The higher the MPG the better is the performance of the engine.

Even a minuscule increase of 1% per gallon can have a tangible impact.

Rust Prevention:

Rust prevention is an important parameter that most of the people ignore. Keep in mind, the oil you are using should have the capability to prevent the accumulation of rust on, and inside of the lifters.

If your engine oil is not preventing the rust from accumulating, then definitely you should change the oil.

Accumulation of a certain amount of rust inside the lifter can permanently damage it. You will start hearing some creaky noise as the rust starts accumulating.

The problem with the rust is that it directly hinders the smooth movement of the lifter parts.

Some oils and additives really work wonder against the rust. They clear the passage of the lifters by dissolving the rust in itself.

Some of the products that made to our TOP 5 list have the capability to prevent the chemical vapors from forming rust and sludge.

Brand Thickness:

When I first bought a car, I don't know but somehow from somewhere, it came to my mind that the thicker additives are good for the engine and, I remained with the same thought for few years, until I met an innovative mechanic who is also a very dear friend of mine now.

It is obvious that you may be having the same doubt and, many other car owners as well.

Let's deep dive into it.

The thickness of engine oil or additive is a relative thing.


Before you go and purchase a can of thick engine oil, allow me to explain the logic behind it.

The thickness of engine oil or additive can impact your engine in both a positive or negative way, depending upon the knowledge you have about your engine.

You need to find the answer to these questions even before you buy an oil additive for your car engine.

How narrow or broad are the oil passages?

Is the lifter small with small valves and openings?

Finding the answer to these questions means reaching close to the correct product.

Don't laugh, I am serious.

In the layman terms, a narrow engine needs a thin liquid and, engine with a wide opening will need a thicker engine oil and additive.

I hope this buying guide will help you to brush up your basics. However, a well-known brand may have different additives for different purposes and to make things simpler for you, we have shortlisted the best oil additives that can really do wonder.

Keeping in mind the problems that people face by selecting the wrong product, we have come up with the oils and additives that are customer-centric and budget-friendly.

TOP 5 Best Oil Additives For Noisy Lifters Reviews

1. Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive

I am a big fan of Liqui Moly additive, it has helped my car time and again, and literally, I am thankful to the company for manufacturing an awesome additive that serves multiple purposes.

Well, if you are thinking what am I blabbering?
best motor oil for lifter noise
Oil Additives Reviews (Check current price on Amazon)

Let me tell you the reason for the intense emotion that I am showering towards this product. I have tried a couple of other additives before and, trust me, they couldn't meet even the 20 percent of my expectation and, you know what, a wrong choice can completely ruin the car engine.

A very small bit of additive is more than enough to keep the oil get going. This additive tremendously enhances the lubricating properties of the oil.

Wait! There are more to it.

Liqui Moly 20004 acts as a catalyst in cleaning the oil passage from rust and, other similar microelements.

I have received a lot of good comments and feedbacks from my clientele. The most common are as follows:
  • Above 99 percent reduction in the ticking noise
  • The noise of valve tapping is also reduced to the minimal
This hydraulic lifter additive is perhaps the best option if you want to keep the valve bores in top shape.

Once you have applied this additive, you will experience a tangible reduction in the engine noise.

This additive works equally well with gasoline and diesel engines.

Even if the engine features turbochargers, this additive will perform well.

You can expect the performance up to the mark till 3000 miles. On average, it has been found that the additives which can perform well for 1500 miles and above can be categorized as a reliable one.

My team has tested it for the 300ml pack and, this amount works pretty well with 6 liters or 6.34 quarts of oil.

Anyways, let me know your feedback and, what your take on Liqui Moly 20004?

2. Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil

I hope you would have definitely enjoyed the review of the Liqui Moly 20004 and, now it's time to talk about the closest competitor. Marvel, is a bit thicker as compared to the previous one.

Marvel MM13R definitely performs up to the mark when it comes to cleaning up the interior part of the diesel engine.

marvel mystery oil reviews
Oil Additives Reviews (Check the current price on Amazon)
If the car engine is having a tough time with the fuel injectors and carburetors, then I will recommend you to try this additive. It will perform a dual function: cleaning and lubricating.

To help carburetor function properly, Marvel MM13R needs to deal with varnish and gum.

The varnish can give you a tough time as it is responsible for drying the interior of the engine, but at the same time, gum can also be troublesome. A high amount of gum can malfunction the movement of the lifters. As a result, you will hear annoying sounds.

So, the question is, how Marvel MM13R will deal with the varnish and gum?

I can assure you that once you have applied the Marvel MM13R, you will not hear the irritating sound and the obnoxious smell because it washes away the gum and varnish coating.

Unfortunately, the engine oil makes the valves sticky and, due to the stickiness of the valve, a significant amount of HP is wasted by the engine to maintain the proper movement of the valves.

If your engine is also suffering from valve stickiness and, underperforming, then try Marvel MM13R. It dilutes the sticky oil residue left on the valves.

The thing that I really love about this additive is that it prevents building up of acid and sludge inside the engine walls and, thus prevents decay.

If you are worried about the budget, then let me tell you one secret of mine. You will experience a sharp decrease in oil consumption after you have started using the Marvel MM13R with the oil. This reason is quite simple, it enhances the performance of the oil by preventing it from breaking down under extreme conditions.

In the layman language, this additive prevents oil from getting evaporated.

The Marvel MM13R is highly recommended if you live in a cold region because it acts as a catalyst when it comes to cold starts.

3. BestLine Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment

The BestLine Premium Synthetic Engine treatment is perhaps among the best when it comes to searching for the best oil additives for noisy lifters.

If you have a problem with the harmful smog coming out of the exhaust pipes, then the BestLine Premium can do wonders for you.

bestline oil treatment review
Oil Additives Reviews (Check the current price on Amazon)
I can assure you that there is no additive in the market that can GUARANTEE you the 100 percent elimination of the harmful emissions. So, a 60-70% reduction in smog production is definitely a feat that needs to be talked about.

I will recommend you to pour a little bit of BestLine Premium inside the engine before pouring the engine oil.

It'll help in cleaning the internal part of the engine and, as a result, you can expect the engine lifetime to increase significantly.

The internal part remains protected against over-exertion.

Using this additive properly can reduce engine noise significantly.

The additive is a good lubricant and, it helps in reducing the friction between the engine parts and the oil. By doing so, it literally reduces the heat produced and, also prevents the oil from evaporating under extreme temperatures.

The portion in which you use this additive with the engine oil plays a crucial role.

Whether it's a reduction in the friction, tear, and wear of the engine parts or a reduction in the emission of harmful smog, the credit goes to the proportion in which the additive is used with the oil.

I will recommend you to use the additive as 12-15 percent of the total oil. 

To avoid any complication, you should perform this process while changing the engine oil.

4. TriboTEX Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment

Personally, I love made in USA products and, this is perhaps one of the important reasons that I recommend TriboTex wholeheartedly.

In spite of its small pack, this additive is a top performer when it comes to quieting your engine.

The USP of this product is the nanoparticles that help the engine to clean in-and-out.

tribotex oil additive
Best Oil Additives (Check the current price on Amazon)
I am a big fan as well as an admirer of the TriboTEX. I carried out a little experiment where I used it in trucks, tractors, and a few other vehicles. Trust me, in spite of the type of the vehicle this additive did a great job and, exceeded my expectation.

The nanoparticles used in this additive are really of great importance and, it is specifically developed to improve the gearbox performance of turbine under the demanding condition, by NASA and the US Department of energy.

Needless to say, this additive goes well with all types of engines and engine oils.

A unique thing about this additive is that it reverses the tear and wear.

The TriboTEX forms the carbon coating around the bearing of the engine. By doing so, it guards the bearing against the tear and wears.

It has been found that most of the engines face the problem like an accumulation of gums over a period of time.

The layer of carbon increases productivity as well as the lifespan of the engine lifters by cleaning the gums.

It reduces the noise level of the lifters as well as bearings. The TriboTEX is in great demand among the high-end car owners such as BMW.

I literally love the mechanism of the TriboTEX. Allow me to explain the mechanism so that you can also be benefited.

The TriboTEX has a sleek side as well as a sticky side. The sticky side attaches itself to the engine components when you will pour this additive into the normal oil.

Once the vehicle is driven for the 500 miles, you know what? Things start changing. The nanosheet pours the Tribofilm that lubricates the internal parts.

As a result, one needs less oil to maintain the engine. If you aren't convinced then use this additive for a few months and, you will definitely see a significant drop in the oil expenses.

Correct me, if I am wrong?

If you have experienced something different, then feel free to share in the comment section. We will revert back at the earliest.

If you have any doubt regarding which type of engine you should apply this additive, then allow me to share with you my personal experience.

It works extraordinarily well with the mid-sized engine that uses 4-8 US quarts/liters of oil.

One can expect 40,000 miles of flawless driving by using this additive during the engine oil change.

Do I need to say anything else to convince you to give this additive a try?

A complete solution at an affordable price.

Before I review the last product that made to our list, allow me to share the link of some mind-boggling products review and buying-guide posts.

5. Bar's Products Rislone Engine Treatment Concentrate

The Rislone works great when it comes to the ball rolling after mixing the additive in the engine oil.

It starts showing its influence in an epigrammatic span of time.

best oil additives for noisy lifters reviews
Oil Additives Reviews (Check the current price on Amazon)
You can expect the oil passage to get rid of the sludges in a couple of minutes after implying the Rislone additive. I have personally experienced a superlative result in my wife's car. The same holds true for the specks of dirt inside the engine parts.

You can experience a tangible reduction in the tapping noise of the hydraulic systems as this additive lubricates the lifter parts.

If you are worried about the gum and varnish, then let me tell you a secret.

It easily dissolves them and, as a result, you can expect a tremendous increase in the lifter's efficiency.

The thing that I really love about this additive is that you can add it anytime in the engine oil. It works well with the tractors, trucks, and other smaller as well as bigger vehicles.

If you are using Rislone for a bigger engine, then I would recommend you to use one bottle for every five quarts.

If the engine is too dirty, then simply double the dose.

The Rislone normal bottle is good for 6 quarts of engine oil.

Bonus Tip: Change the engine oil after 100 miles and, add the additive in the mix.

Many people have doubt like adding this additive to standard engine might cause dark things to the engine and, it may lead to the complication.

The simple answer is NO it won't create any such issue.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Best Oil Additives For Noisy Lifters: Wrapping UP

You may ignore lifters in case you aren't sensitive to unwanted noises.

I hate the constant ticking or knocking of this small piece against the engine.

Unfortunately, ignoring it for a long-time can aggravate the issue.

In many cases, people aren't aware of feasible solutions.

Buying an oil additive can be of great help.

Trust me, it's all about finding the right product.

I personally prefer TriboTEX Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment (Check the current price on Amazon)


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