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Quietest Over The Range Microwave Ovens | An Unbiased Review

quietest over the range microwave

He looks about as happy as a penguin in a microwave - Sid Waddell

I sit in an infrared sauna every day and microwave myself. It's really detoxifying - Scottie Thompson

The New Age? It's just the old age stuck in a microwave oven for fifteen seconds - James Randi

My wife can't spend an hour without microwave when she is in the kitchen and, of course, the same applies to almost every member of my nuclear family.

The microwave is a great invention for the modern-day world, isn't it?

Well, can you guess the name of the person who invented the microwave?

I hope you can.

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Percy Spencer - the inventor of the microwave oven.

Every day, we use a microwave for a variety of functions and, have you ever thought about the amount of time that you save every day by using this little beast?

A microwave that comes with a range hood is termed as "Over the range microwave" and, it's a 2-in-1 unit that is designed for installation over your countertop.

The package also includes mounting hardware for easy and quick installation.

quietest over the range microwave ovens review

My wife is very passionate about the microwaves oven but, at the same time, she doesn't stick with one brand for a long time.

I don't have any problem with a microwave oven, until and unless it is operating without noise. Unfortunately, I have to request my wife to stop operating it early morning. The unwanted noise is a devil to your morning sleep, isn't it?

Does quiet over the range microwave oven really exist?

Stay tuned, today I will postmortem the post title.

If you are with me till the end, you will get some bonus tips and, I will also reveal my secrets.

During an epigrammatic span of time, I have noticed lots of innovation in the household appliances domain. 

A few months back, I was a part of a small get together that was organized by my very close friend. It was the first time when I had an encounter with a quiet over the range oven and, trust me, it was love at first sight.

My eyes were wide open when my friend's wife started explaining the benefits of the microwave oven. Fortunately, my wife wasn't at the venue else I had to leave the party and, go to the shop to buy a similar microwave oven.

I am gonna review top 5 quietest over the range microwave oven and, one among these five ovens will be the one that grabbed my eyeballs at my friend's party.

Well, can you guess the brand?

quietest over the range microwaves

All the products that we are gonna review in this post are either tested by our team or have positive word of mouth feedback from our clients. All these microwave ovens are quietest and, depending upon your requirement and budget, you can take a final call.

We have provided the link and, once you click on these links, you will land upon the most promising e-commerce platform, Amazon. 

Best Quietest Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens

1. Sharp R1874T Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

Quietest over the range microwave
Quietest Microwave Oven (Check the current price on Amazon)
This microwave oven from Sharp will grab your eyeballs because of its features and functionalities. The USP of this microwave oven is the 3-way ventilation system and the 4-way convection heating.

A lot of my clients have given preference to this model over the high-end models because of its design, heat transfer techniques, performance, and quality.

It has an upper edge over its counterpart because of the convection cooking method. It is a heat transfer technique that moves hot air inside the microwave by using a fan.

Microwave Design: 

The sleek stainless steel all around the microwave gives it a modern and unique look and, the best part is that it will sync with any decor.

Just wiping the body of this microwave oven with a piece of cloth will do the needful and, you are good to go.

The control panel comes with a 7 digit display and, each display is clearly labeled.

You will not find any complexity attached to the control panel and, it's user-friendly and, easy to go.

You can easily have an eye on what's happening inside the microwave oven using the LCD display which comes in 2 colors.

If you are assuming that the interiors of the microwave oven can be cleaned in the same way as the exteriors, then let me tell you, at times, interiors can give you a tough time. Depending upon the food that you are putting in the oven, you will get the output. Some are really easy to rinse off while others need an extra effort.

It weighs 46 pounds and measures 23*14*15 inches on the outside and 17*9*14 on the inside. Well, never try to uplift this quiet oven on your own, take help from family members for the installation process. Trying to do it alone can put you in trouble.

Performance and Quality:

I have tried a couple of microwave oven before buying this little beast and, trust me when it comes to performance, I can't find many of its counterparts even close.

Well, it uses 1100 watts power and, the uniform distribution of hot air over the microwave causes food to cook faster.

Unlike my previous ovens, it doesn't allow me to adjust time and power during cooking. The best way to change the settings is to stop the cooking process.

Other Important Features: 

The reason why I brought this oven home wasn't the features that I have discussed before, but it was ONLY the quietness, anyways who doesn't love additional perks :)

If you are a cooking maniac, then you will really love to explore the instant action keys such as defrost, warm, popcorn, fresh veggies, hot water, beverage, fresh roll etc.

Again, if you are a newbie to the world of cooking, then these instant keys can work in your favor and, at the touch of a button, you can operate it automatically.

You can use an instant sensor setting for the type of food you wanna cook. Just push the button and, rest will be taken care by the oven.

Even though you get delayed for lunch or dinner, you don't have to worry, the oven keeps the food warm in the microwave for at least 30 minutes.

You can choose from the three language option for this interactive cooking system, i,e, English, French, and Spanish.

Bottom Line:

Well, I started the quietest over the range microwave oven review with Sharp, a world-renowned company, in the kitchen appliances domain.

I hope you will like the advanced features mentioned above and, definitely, this is one of the quietest over the range microwave oven available in the market.

Though the oven is portable still it may not be the one you are looking for. The small size limits the dishes size that you can use in the oven.

I really face problem putting the rectangular dishes inside the oven and, a large casserole dish also doesn't fit the internal dimension.

It's always good to highlight the downside of the product in the review, isn't it?

I forget to mention that the convention cooking method requires a turntable for engagement while the microwave oven is still in use.

2. GE MICROWAVES Over-The-Ran Microwave

If you are the one who loves buying "made in the USA" products then, its a good alternative for you.

It has a traditional look and, in less than 10 minutes, you can get your food cooked, isn't it enticing?

best quietest over the range microwave
Quietest Microwave Oven (Check the current price on Amazon)

The design is quite simple and, it has a clean white exterior with an incandescent interior over light.

I can assure you that the design can easily sync with any kitchen decor and, of course, it is aesthetic.

Similar to other over the range microwave ovens, it also comes with a variety of options such as popcorn, beverage, potato, reheat, and defrost.

There is no doubt that the options are less as compared to some high-end microwave ovens but, most used microwave settings are covered on the control panel.


When it comes to the performance, this microwave oven doesn't seem to compromise.

It uses a 1000 watt and, so you can expect fast cooking as well as warming of food.

Wait, we aren't finished yet.

It also comes with a glass turntable that helps in heating the food.

Quiet operation is something that will definitely grab your eyeballs.

You can expect a tangible amount of reduction in unwanted noise by replacing your noisy microwave oven with this one.

Definitely, it is one of the quietest over the range microwave oven in the market.

Size and other related features:

The oven is quite spacious from inside and, measures 1.6 feet in cubic space.

Space is large enough and, offers you plenty of room to cook whatever food you wanna cook.

Another important thing I would like to highlight is the timer and the cook time notification has different sounds. 

If you love cooking, then you must be aware of the importance of timer and the cook time notification. The different sounds keep you updated on what's happening in the kitchen.

Personally, I don't like the LCD panel. It's quite dim and, at times, you will need to use an additional source of light in order to see it well. Anyways, in the daytime, the LCD panel is highly readable.

Bottom Line:

It is decent over the range microwave oven, but the previous one is a superior one.

The GE microwave ovens have different product variants and, you should be very clear in what you are looking for else you will end up buying an oven which will be a misfit.

Check the specification and, the features carefully.

It's a USA product which depicts that it passes all the required certified features.

There is no doubt that it's a long lasting product and, it will serve you really well.

A venting power and an aesthetic design are the USP of this product.

Definitely, you aren't gonna regret buying one for you.

3. LG LMHM2237ST Over-The-Range Microwave Oven

LG has delivered to the expectation, LG LMHM2237ST - a well-designed oven, is known for its performance.
quietest microwave oven
Quietest Microwave Oven (Check the current price on Amazon)

Needless to say, LG is a well-known and, highly trusted kitchen appliance brand that people love and trust.

Moving further, you will be astonished to know about its capability, features and many more.

Trust me, it has a lot to offer.

Let's dive in.


LG is known for the superlative look and feel. The LG brand is perceived as innovative, stylish, affordable.

I will call it, "beauty with the brain". Sleek, modern, compact are some of the words that can be used to describe this beast.

I can still remember the day and time of my first encounter with this superlative product, the design literally blew my mind. I was completely taken over. The first thought that crossed my mind was like, Is it something from future?

Like me, if you are also an admirer of beauty, then you are gonna take this microwave oven, right away. Literally, it's so enticing. It will pull you towards itself.

The best part about the design is that it will sync with any kind of interiors and decors.

You will feel proud to introduce this beauty to your friends and extended family.

I think the word of mouth publicity really works for this product line of LG. I came to know about it from a family friend and, I have also talked about it so much and, of course, my wife talks about it proudly every time she cooks something in this oven.

The product is made for the masses and the classes. 

The first thing that grabs my eyeballs was the control panel, it was something unusual for me.

Well, the control panel was horizontal. Anyways, you will quickly get used to it as it is clear and simple.

Already I have used the word "innovative" to describe it earlier. The extend vent 2.0 is a high-end feature used for the smoke and steam extraction.


It is good to have a beautiful thing, but in the end, its the performance that really matters, isn't it?

Whether it's defrosting or cooking, you can definitely use it. Of course, a 1000 watts can do the miracle.

Something I really don't like is the design and performance of the cooking sensor. Personally, I have felt that some foods are not cooked evenly.

If you are the one who is ready to ignore it or live with it, then definitely go for it.

The oven is quite calculative and it will tell you about the expected time of cooking for the food. So, you don't have to guess anymore.

A lot of buttons help you to use it on an automatic mode. Just press the button and, the rest will be taken care.

Once the food is cooked, the alarm will ring.

This oven operates very quietly and, the credit goes to the venting technology.

The venting provides you the feasibility to choose from the front, back and top.

You have to set for the exteriors venting like top and back.

It comprises 400 CFM power system and, it really helps you to clean the obnoxious odors, smoke, steam, burnt food etc from the kitchen.

Size and other related features:

The size of this superlative product is 2.2 cubic feet which I believe is enough for a nuclear family for cooking food.

The dimension is 16*30*18 inches. Don't worry, it will not take a lot of your kitchen space.

I request you to NOT repeat the mistake that I did. I just tried to install the oven myself. Yes, you heard it right, it was a blunder on my part.

It weighs 73.5 pounds. For this kind of weight, you will need professional help to carry out the installation process smoothly.

The other thing that you can do is to take help from others for the installation process.

Bottom line: 

The LG LMHM2237ST Over-The-Range Microwave Oven is one of the best home appliances that you can have in your home.

I hope you will agree with us after we have highlighted the important features.

Unfortunately, It also has some drawbacks. I really hate to discuss the downside, but I have to.

You can't use the square dishes to prepare your meals.

If you frequently use microwave ovens in the night, then there is a piece of bad news for you :(

The LED panel is a bit dim and, you may have to use an additional source of light.

However, if we compare this microwave oven with its counterparts, buying it will be a great decision, after all, the brand is LG.

4. Sharp R-1214 Over-The-Counter Microwave

best quietest over the range microwave ovens
Quietest Microwave Oven (Check current price on Amazon)
The best about the brand Sharp is that it keeps innovating and, always comes with the product that is cost-effective and user-friendly.

I have included this product in my review list because it constitutes of all the necessary ingredients required for making entry to the quietest over the range microwave ovens.

Some of the features, I would love to touch upon are a solid design, value for money, excellent functionality, and most importantly quiet operation.

Let's deep dive...


Beautiness and sleekness is sync with the design. The USP of this microwave oven is the control panel which is lighted up with 24 automatic settings. The LCD display is 7-digit and, comes in two colors.

Wait, the 8 instant action keys will definitely grab your eyeballs.

You will find the most used functions on the panel such as defrost, hot water, baked potatoes, fresh vegetables, frozen rolls, beverages etc.

All the effort that you need to put is to simply press the button and, rest will be taken care by this microwave oven.

This microwave oven is designed in a way to sync with any kind of kitchen decor.

Well, it also gives you feasibility to choose from three languages: English, Spanish, and French.

To make this oven a user-friendly, it uses an inbuilt sensor that uses the latest smart technology. Even the most inexperienced person can use it easily.

Quality and performance:

It operates at 1100 watts and, that makes it really powerful. It takes less time to cook food as compared to its counterparts which operate at less power.

If you are the one looking for saving some time on cooking or wants to stay less in the kitchen, then you should buy this microwave oven.

To make it a power pact machine, the company has introduced 11 power levels.

Size and relative features:

It measures 1.5 cubic meters which is a decent size. You can heat and cook lots of food and, the turntable is 14 inches in size.

The interior measures 17*9*14 and, weighs 46 pounds.

It will be really difficult to complete the installation process without professional help.

The interior is beautifully designed and, is acrylic painted. It also uses a beautiful oven light.

Bottom line:

The company "Sharp" has owned the trust of the people by providing high-quality home appliances products.

I can assure you that this product will be a great addition to your kitchen and if you are looking for a power pact microwave oven, then this product is definitely cheaper as compared to its counterparts.

Wait, I am not done, yet. It is durable, easy to use and, also gives you a good number of options.

The downside is that it doesn't have a fan and, so there is no way of getting rid of excessive steam and smoke.

Still, this microwave oven is definitely a good product and, I will recommend this product wholeheartedly.

5. GE JVM3160RFSS Stainless Steel OTR Microwave

The GE JVM3160RFSS is a budget-friendly and affordable microwave oven. If you are tight on the budget, then you can try this product.
quietest over the range microwaves
Quietest Microwave Oven on Amazon

The reason I included this microwave oven in the review post is the price. You will get all the important features at an affordable price.

If you aren't convinced with my words, then you can compare this product with its competitor and, the outcome will definitely blow your mind.

You will NOT like this oven only if your expectation is too high.


The design is simple and appealing but the handle is unique and stylish.

It is made up of stainless steel and, it's easy to maintain. A small piece of cloth is more than enough to clean it. If you are using a liquid cleaner, then it will be better.

It is quite popular among the oven lovers and, its simplicity, sleek look, and the low maintenance cost is the real reason for scoring very high on the usability scale.

The LCD panel is simple with high visibility. It has all the necessary functionality.

The control buttons are vertically placed and you can operate it by a simple press.

It has four instant action keys: beverage, popcorn, defrost and reheat.

The surface of the oven is transparent that gives you a clear idea about what is happening inside the oven.

Quality and performance power:

It works on a 1000 watts and makes it really powerful. Trust me, getting this kind of power at the decent price is really a smart buy.

The best thing that I liked about this microwave oven is that it claims to perform most of the important functions under 6 minutes, quite interesting, isn't it?

I am sharing with you a secret that is totally for my readers. If you are looking for a quiet microwave oven at an affordable price, then you will NOT get a better option than this. 

Before writing the review, our team has done exclusive research about the features durability, performance, quality, and maintenance and, you will be astonished to know that this microwave oven has really done well on all the parameters.

I will recommend this product for a budget audience.

It comes with a 300 CFM airflow. It comprises an outside exhaust and a recirculate option.

As the name suggests, the exhaust releases smoke and steam on the outside.

On the contrary, the recirculate option uses the recirculating charcoal filter kit to release the air.

The hooked venting fan with a steam sensor is a great addition and, also simplify your cooking process or even heating process.

Another important thing that I would love to highlight is the turntable, you can easily turn it on and off. For example, if you are interested in using rectangular dishes, you can use it.

You can easily differentiate between the cook time and timer notification as they sound differently.

Will you agree with me that it is simple and easy to use?

Will you agree that it has all the necessary features at an affordable price?

Size and relative features:

If you are a nuclear family with less than 10 family members, then definitely the interior space of this microwave oven is more than enough to cook or heat the foods.

Its capacity is 1.6 cubic meters which are no doubt good enough for the average sized meals.

Well, allow me to share the good news with you. This product comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

I really feel bad to discuss the downside of any product, but I can't do anything, It's a part and parcel of the product review.

Literally, this microwave oven is a beast. It's too heavy. Well, it weighs a little less than 65 pounds.

I will suggest you should take service of a professional to install this microwave oven. It is so heavy that alone you will not be able to install it. Anyways, don't take it as a challenge and, start installing solely :)

Finally, I want to end the discussion with a piece of good news. The product comes with a year warranty from the manufacturer.

Bottom line: 

Frankly speaking, this is perhaps the best quietest over the range microwave oven for those who are really tight on the budget. You will get all the features that you really need when it comes to buying a microwave oven.

You will love the way it is designed, the way it operates and, also the overall experience.

Go Ahead, Buy one :)

Over The Range Microwave: Buying Guide

In all our product review posts we have discussed the importance of materials, characteristics, specification, and so on.

Our motive is to help you in doing some smart purchases. Nowadays there are so many product variants that buying a good product has literally become tricky.

I am sure that you would have definitely experienced a kind of confusion surrounding you when you buy online or offline.

The digital marketing has taken the world by storm and, the more you will try to run away from these digital ads the better they will penetrate your psychology.

I don't think I should speak about these digital campaigns more because most of us have definitely experienced the good as well as the bad side of it.

Unfortunately, when the buyer is in buying mode, they are ready to swipe their credit cards and, all the thing happens in a couple of minutes. The affiliate marketers and, the advertisers know very well the psychology of buyers and, they will try to influence the buyers by running campaigns, email marketing, Facebook ads, and what NOT...

I will suggest you should go through a handful of product review posts before coming to a conclusion. Again, different product review posts will have a different opinion.

And, this is again a big problem, isn't it? Reading 5 product reviews may confuse the buyer, right?

Well, the answer is a BIG NO...

You have to just change the way you are approaching the review posts. 

Today I am gonna share my secrets with you guys, but before that, I will request you to have a look on some of the mind-boggling articles and, yes, they are well-written product review articles.

Our going through these articles, you will learn at least two things:
  • The first being the way, you should write a product review post
  • Secondly, what should you look for in a product review post
Some superlative mindboggling idiosyncratic product review posts:

Anyways, let's get back to the product review articles. Without wasting any time, let's come straight to the point.

For example, you are planning to buy a treadmill, then there are two ways to extract useful information from the review posts.
  • Search for the "Best treadmills under $1000" or any such query on Google and Bing, and then read few posts, and take a final call. Well, this is also a good idea if you are a busy person and, you have time constraints. 
Anyways, I rarely follow the above approach.

Can you guess my blend of mind?
  • Well, I use a different approach altogether, It may be a time consuming, but at the end, it's me who will be benefited from a correct product buy, logically correct, isn't it?
  • Firstly, I select at least 5 product variant which seems to be a good buy, and then I read reviews for these products. By doing so, I get the idea for the product that I wanna buy rather someone else suggesting me the product that I should buy.
In fact, everything is the same, just I change the approach.

Let's discuss the parameters that we should consider when it comes to buying a quietest over the range microwave oven.

By the way, I have a product page where I have mentioned the best products under different categories. I will NOT try to sell these products to you guys rather I will request you to have a look and, then read some product review posts for these products and if everything seems fine to you, then take a buying decision.

Correct me, if I am wrong?

My sole intention to start this blog is to give valuable information to my users.

Recommended Products |


Good quality material is a foundation of any product. There is no doubt that a good quality material makes a machine durable and long lasting.

Over a period of time, I got an opportunity to use quite a good number of microwave ovens and, needless to say, the best are the ones that have a stainless body and, you know...what?

You can pass it to the next generation if NOT GENERATIONS :)


I really encourage people to buy OTR Microwave oven, but have you ever wondered why am I doing so?

Well, over the range microwave oven offers a ventilation feature that is definitely of great help when it comes to controlling smoke, steam, and odor.

So, how can you look for a good venting feature in a microwave oven?

Venting is measured by Cubic feet per meter(CFM). The higher the CFM the greater is the venting capability and, the better will be the airflow.

To answer your question in a precise way, I will suggest you should go with a microwave having CFM of 300 and above.


If you have ever used a traditional microwave oven, then you can recall that the guesswork was a crucial part of good cooking, but no one talks about it. Unfortunately, if you are new to the cooking in a traditional microwave, then there is a high probability that your guesswork will fail, you know why?

Because the GUESS improves with experience.

But that isn't the case with a good microwave with sensors. You don't have to trouble yourself for guessing.

They are built in such a way that they come with an accurate measurement of time and temperature and, all you need to do is push a button.


If you have a very beautiful kitchen with fabulous interior designs, then you will definitely look for a beautiful and enticing quietest over the range microwave ovens.

Well, the manufacturers are aware of the marketing tactics that the things that look good are more in demand and, easy to sell.

By the way, who will want to keep an ugly microwave oven in the kitchen?

After all, it's you who has to set the priority and, take the final call.


The OTR microwave is designed to be put over the kitchen counter or in a cabinet.

I will not suggest you should buy the microwave ovens in case, you don't have these spaces available for installation of the OTR.

If your kitchen is full of other types of drawers and cabinets on the top then, it is not a good idea to purchase one.

External and internal size:

The external as well as internal size matters when it comes to the quietest over the range microwave ovens.

The external size matters simply because of the final installation location. It is advisable to buy an OTR microwave oven as the space available in your kitchen for installation.

Some of the best OTR Microwave Ovens are very huge in size and, buying one may not be a good decision if you aren't having a decent space for the installation.

I will recommend you to go to the shop with an accurate measurement.

Similarly, internal size  is also an important parameter. 

It can be defined as the size of the dish that a microwave can accommodate.

To take a decision on the internal size of the OTR Microwave oven, you need to consider two parameters:
  • Size of the family
  • Amount of the food, you shall be cooking with the microwave oven
The larger your family is the bigger should be the internal size of the microwave oven.

By the way, they normally measure between 1.1-2 cubic meters.


Well, selection of the power is tricky. You don't always need the OTR Microwave oven with the maximum power, but at the same time, you shouldn't compromise on the power parameters as well. So, you have to find a middle way which can help you to buy a microwave oven with good power. 

The need for power is relative, isn't it?

I will suggest you to do some homework on the amount of power, you are looking for and, buy accordingly.

For example, if you plan on baking or cooking casseroles, then you need a powerful machine to perform the process in the shortest duration.

However, if you are planning to buy an OTR Microwave Oven to perform functions such as defrost, heating water, then you REALLY don't need a very powerful machine. Buying a very powerful machine may not be a good idea because your electricity bill will skyrocket without capitalizing on the full efficiency of the machine.

Remember, there is always a trade-off between a high performing machine and the electricity bill.

Correct me, if I am wrong?

Convection Vs Conventional:

The conventional microwave technology makes use of the food container to pass the microwave frequencies into the food in order to either heat or cook it.

Well, it's a slow process, indeed.

On the other hand, the convection method combines the radiating heating method and the basic microwaving technology to offer a better solution.

This offers heat throughout the microwave from the top to the bottom and, of course to the sides. So, a great heating ambiance is prepared inside the microwave oven.

The main motive of this technology is to cook food evenly, fastly as well as easily and fortunately, the technology has managed to grab eyeballs.

You will fall in love with this technology because it gives you a wide range of options.

The best microwave ovens include the convection methods and, if you are looking for a multi-functional microwave oven, then you should definitely go with a conventional one.

Other factors:

We should throw some light on some factors that are really important and, may influence your buying decision.
  • Presets
  • Child lock

This functionality is really important if you are the one looking for a semi-automatic kind of microwave ovens.

The machine comes with a preset setting and, to perform the process, all you need to do is to just press the button.

Let me explain this with an example.

Many OTR Microwave ovens come with a presetting such as popcorn, baked potato, fish, chicken, defrost and so on...

By pressing the buttons, you will get rid of the problems such as overcooking or the undercooking.

These preset button will take care of the cooking process.

Child lock:

It's a must-have function in your microwave oven in case, you are having small children in your house.

Children are inquisitive and curious about the electronic machine and, you never know, they may end up burning there hand or switch on the microwave and leave it.

For me, it's a priority and decision-influencing parameter.

Well, let me know your view about the child lock in the comment section.

Wrapping Up: The Quietest Over The Range Microwave

Well, I hate getting confused or confusing others. So, I will recommend the complete package to you. Before I recommend my favorite, I will make a clear point that all the products that made to our review list are equally good and, you can choose one depending upon your requirement and, most importantly, the budget that you have for the quietest over the range microwave ovens.

When I plan to buy any household appliance, I will definitely look for the brand.

It's not a hidden secret that the best household appliance products are manufactured by reputable companies.

Last but not least, I wholeheartedly recommend Sharp R1874T OTR Convection Microwave (Check the current price on Amazon). I have been using this oven from quite a few time and, also recommended to my clients and, the good news is it has matched the expectation of most of my clients. Needless to say, you can't satisfy everyone.


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