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Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaners | An Unbiased Review

best quiet vacuum cleaners

I dedicate this post to all the peace-loving people on this planet. Either you are a writer, a mother, a father or a grandpa, you can't deny the importance of silence in the house.

Moving further, if you have kids and pets in your house then trust me, things are gonna mess up.

Whether you are washing clothes in a washing machine or cleaning your rooms, the unwanted sound can make things worst. For example, the kids will not get sufficient sleep needed for their proper growth and development.

Even though you schedule the room cleaning at the least disturbing time there is a high probability that the elderly in the house will get disturbed. 

Whether your retired parents express themselves or not but definitely they are gonna get disturbed with the wanted noise of the vacuum cleaners, washing machine, and other household appliances.

Unfortunately, the nagging sound of the vacuum cleaner can also disturb your neighbors and can lead to an altercation.

I will not deny the fact that there are costly ways to dampen the noise from the household appliance but our motive is to come up with the most cost-effective solution.

Can you guess the most effective solution for dampening the vacuum cleaner noise?

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Yup, you guessed it absolutely correct. We are gonna present some quiet vacuum cleaners along with the reason why they made to our review list.

Before we move further, I want to assure you that all the soundproof products that we review in this blog post are either used and verified by our team or by our clients.

In most of the cases, we only include the products which have received good feedback from our clients and also, is considered to be value for money product.

There isn't any doubt that we don't appreciate the quiet vacuum cleaners enough.

To a large extent, these quiet vacuum cleaners have revolutionized the way cleaning happens nowadays either at homes or in offices.

Correct me, if I am wrong?

At the same time, these vacuum cleaners also come with some CONS. There is a high probability that regular use of noisy vacuum cleaners may lead to an increase in noise level.

According to my team, using a quiet vacuum cleaner is a great way to get the desired output without getting hit by the increasing noise level in the surrounding.

Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

quiet vacuum cleaner

In case, you find it difficult to find out time for doing product research then, I have a piece of good news for you. We have already done the work for you, all you need to do is to click the link and but the product of your choice.
  1. Shark Rotator Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum
  2. ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner(Highly Recommended)
  3. Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Canister Vacuum
  4. Dyson V10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  5. HoLife Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Before we move to the product review section, I would like to highlight that we have tried to answer few of the frequently asked questions related to the topic and also, we have touched all the important aspect of smart buying. 

I can assure you that after going through the entire post you will have enough information to suggest others on "Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaner".

Why You Should Buy A Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

On a personal note, I am a firm believer that your surroundings should be quiet enough to help you get maximum out of you. From my early childhood, quietness has always fascinated me. Whether it's a silent beach or a hilltop, It has always been my top priority to take out some time from my busy schedule and stay there for a while.

The best thing about these silent places is that it allows you to talk to yourself and also, helps you to know yourself better.

It has happened quite a few time in my life that I have found a solution to a very complex problem by staying for a week at some quite place.

Anyways,  there is a high probability that you may not be convinced with my logical argument until and unless I back it with some data.

In fact, studies have shown that unwanted noise has a negative impact on human health and behavior. They tend to get more aggressive and irritated if the surrounding is noisy.

Unfortunately, we have made our surrounding so polluted that it has started impacting us in an unexpected way. The tangible negative effect of noise is quite visible nowadays and if we are unable to take preventive measures then, there isn't any doubt that we will have to regret.

So, the preventive measure starts from me and you. Isn't it a good initiative to first make our home noiseless and then, our environment? Definitely, I would love to hear the view of my readers on this.

By commenting on this sensitive topic, you can help us to work on the solution of the problem in a much organized and better way.

Needless to say, a quiet space allows you to relax, unwind and, regroup after being exposed to information and task from all the sides.

A quiet place can help you to reduce stress, anxiety, improves memory and also, promotes brain growth.

So, why not to take small steps towards soundproofing our room and environment.

Let me tell you my story. I hope you will be able to connect to it. In my house, household appliances and electronic gadgets have the maximum share of the unwanted noise. When I return home from a stressful day, I get irritated with the buzzing of an old fridge, ticking of a clock or vibration of a washing machine.

Sorry to say but these are some of the common unwanted noise that I have learned to ignore over a period of time.

I forget to mention after some other appliances such as mixer, blenders and, hair dryers which produce a high volume of sound but I use them on a periodical basis so, I am less concerned about them.

Let's get back to the review of the quiet vacuum cleaners. The features that I am gonna discuss know will help you to distinguish between a quiet vacuum cleaner and the regular ones.
vacuum cleaner noise reduction

Important Features To Look For In A Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

This section of the post is quite informative and will definitely educate you regarding the features that a good quiet vacuum cleaner must possess. Though small still there can be a possibility that your requirement may not match with the product that we have listed in this review post so, in that case having in-depth knowledge of these features can help to choose the one that not only suits your requirement but it is also a great quiet vacuum cleaner.

Level Of Noise: 

I have reviewed many products in the past where I was able to find the one which was the quietest one but unfortunately, I can't say the same when it comes to a quiet vacuum cleaner. Being honest, you can't find a one that has zero noise. 

The vacuums generally get louder when you are not emptying the bags and maintaining them properly.

If we talk about the regular vacuums then, they produce noise of 80 decibels. For reference, it is the same amount of noise that other household appliances produce such as garbage disposal, dishwasher, blenders etc.

If you are exposed to noise of around  80 decibels on regular basis then, it can impact your behavior as well as health. Needless to say, your ears will be the prime victim.

On the other hand, the vacuum cleaner that I have reviewed create a noise up to 60 decibels but the difference in the decibels is all that really matters, isn't it?

If you go and read the product description page, you will find most of the manufacturer's boasting about this achievement. In fact, I also feel it is something to really feel proud of.

I was very curious to find out the ways that these quiet vacuum cleaner manufacturers followed to achieve this insane result.

After reading some research papers and talking to some manufacturers, my team found out that they use some specific type of sound insulation around the motor of the vacuum cleaner to reduce the decibels.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners:

Nowadays, the heavy canister cleaners aren't popular. Anyways, you want to use it you can. However, we will talk about some alternatives that will definitely grab your attention.

I hope you must be aware of the upright vacuums, generations of Americans have used them in some of the other forms.

Needless to say, now these upright vacuums have also been upgraded to newer standing vacuums. They are lighter and slimmer.

In fact, a large number of upright vacuums can also transform into handheld vacuums.

Some of these vacuums are capable enough to trap the dirt in the water.

These vacuums come with different shape and size and most importantly, the shape of the head is really a significant thing to consider.

Some vacuums come with multiple heads and rotating brushes. These rotating brushes pick the dirt easily.

In-Depth research shows that people are very curious about the robotic vacuum and I was really shocked to see that the robotic vacuum has become so popular and people are really loving the functionality and features of the vacuum robots.

I ended up buying one for my family and trust me, it was worth every penny I spent. In case, you are also interested in the same product then, you can check the reviews here.

Power Supply:

It's perhaps in our unconscious mind or I can say we are used to seeing the yards of cables when we are vacuuming.

I hope most of you must be aware of the facts that some vacuums come with charging docks or removable cables. This gives you an option to charge separately when you aren't using the product.

Particularly, the standing vacuums do allow for more freedom of movement.

In general, you can expect a 40 minutes run time.

So, the point that I want to highlight here is based on an old proverb that "one shoe doesn't fit all".

What I mean to say is that you need to calculate the pros and cons of a cordless vacuum. For example, if you have to clean a small space which can be easily cleaned in 30 minutes or so then, you can go ahead and buy the cordless quiet vacuum cleaner.

At the same time, if you have a big space to clean then, you will have to explore other options as well or else you will have to stop in middle and charge the cleaner and then, again continue the cleaning process. It may sound boring and wastage of time as well.


One of the common reason of the regular vacuums becoming louder over a period of time is improper maintenance.

You will find consistency when it comes to the efficiency of the quiet vacuum cleaner if you are tossing the dirt out. It's advisable to empty their dust bowls after every use.

Some vacuum cleaners have a reusable dust bags that you can empty into the trash and reuse it.

However, other uses paper dust bags that you can dump along with the content. In the latter case, you will have to buy new bags periodically.


Like the human being, every gadget also has a lifetime. It's good to spend time checking out the exterior of the vacuum cleaner but at the same time, you shouldn't ignore the interior parts.

If you are planning to buy a quiet vacuum cleaner then, you should definitely look for the soundproof insulation around the motors. The interiors are also important in the sense that it is the place where you will find the filters that take cares of all the dirt that your vacuum sucks into it.

At present, I will suggest you, look for vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters.

These HEPA filters are great at sucking all kind of dust, allergens, and for the same reason, the industrial cleaners also use the HEPA filters.

Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaner 2019

1. Shark Rotator Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum

I am a traditional guy at the core of my heart and that pushes me to start the review with the traditional one.

quiet vacuum cleaner
Quiet Vacuum Cleaner
So, I feel privileged to introduce the Shark Rotator quiet vacuum cleaner. Just to share a sweet memory, it was the first vacuum cleaner that I remember I bought with my own money.

It has the capability to trap 98% of dust and allergens by efficiently exploiting the sealing technology.

This vacuum cleaner perhaps better for a small and mid-sized room. The dust box is of XL size and thus, you can clean a mid-sized apartment at one go.

When I first started using the Shark Rotator, I was a bit skeptical regarding the junk getting into my vacuum machine and disrupting the operation but fortunately, nothing happened similar to my expectation.

I hope you may have similar doubt so, to make it crystal clear I would like to say that it uses HEPA filter which prevents the dust and dirt from entering the critical part of the vacuum machine and as a result, the high performance is consistently maintained.

Another benefit of this upright vacuum cleaner is the swivel steering. It is very helpful in bypassing the heavy furniture and thus, you don't have to get worried about maneuvering around the furniture.

Again, if you are facing problem in cleaning the tight corners of the apartment then let me tell you the LED light is a solution to it. It helps you to see where the cleaning head is at any point in time.

There are corners in the room where you need extra maneuverability and it may be possible that the place is out of reach of the vacuum cleaners.

The Shark Rotator quiet vacuum cleaner has a solution to it also. It comes with a canister that is detachable. You can easily attach the nozzle to it and clean the ceiling and similar places.

If you are a pet lover and have one in your home then, there isn't any doubt that you must be searching for an effective way to get rid of the pet hairs and debris that have fallen on the carpets.

Fortunately, the Shark vacuum cleaner comes with a pet brush and it picks up debris, hairs from the carpet making it clean.

I can assure you that the brush is highly efficient in cleaning the carpet and trust me, it doesn't make any discrimination when it comes to cleaning different type of floors.

I am really sorry if I have blabbered a lot but there a lot of good things about the Shark rotator and it's so user-friendly that you will fall in love with it.

Let's come to the most important question, "How quiet is Shark Rotator vacuum cleaner?"

The simple answer is it depends but wait, I am here to give you a better insight.
vacuum cleaner amazon
The noise can vary depending upon the attachment that you are using.

If we talk in terms of reference then, it will at a bit higher pitch as compared to the normal human conversation in most of the cases.

The best example is that it doesn't cause any disturbance to the pets. You will not find any kind of change in the pet behavior and, they will act normally.

I can assure you it will NOT sound like a high-pitched whistle.

So, what are you waiting for? 

2.ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best quiet vacuum cleaner
Quiet Vacuum Cleaners
As we all know, the future is of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Most of the human resources will be soon replaced by robots. You can find loads and loads of articles on the internet talking about the threat of humans losing the jobs to the robots. You can even feel the heat when it comes to the IT industry. The IT industry has taken the initiative of automating less productive jobs and as a result, a lot of techies have already lost their jobs.

This was brief introduction robotics and it was really important because the ECOVACS DEEBOT is a robotic vacuum cleaner which cleans your house with uttering a single word. 

Another enticing this about this robot is the portability. You need a small amount of space to keep this robot.

Trust me, you will love the design of this product. It's so sleek that it blends perfectly with your home decor.

An anti-scratch feature further enhances its popularity. The protective bumpers protect this quiet vacuum cleaner from any physical damage.

Once you will start using this vacuum cleaner, you will feel that the makers have been successful in inculcating all the needed tools required for effective cleaning.

Needless to say, you will have all the attachments in the package. To mention a few, you will have a docking station, one main brush for the job, two additional brushes, and remote control to help you operate the things.

I think this product was made with a motive to make the cleaning process totally autonomous. A lot of features is included in this vacuum cleaner to minimize human interference.

Allow me to throw more light on these distinctive features.

It comes with three distinctive cleaning modes.

As the name suggests, the "Motion Guided" cleaning mode allows the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S to clean by detecting the moving object around it. As a result, your furniture and other brittle objects are fully safe and, at any cost, it won't crash with the moving objects.

Before we talk about the next step, let me tell you something. If you are experienced in cleaning then, definitely you will agree with me. At times, it has been found that once you have cleaned the room with a vacuum cleaner, some part of the floor seems to be cleaner as compared to the others.

But have you ever thought why it happens so?

The reason is quite simple, the layer of dirt is not the same across the floor. 

So, we have a solution for the same as well.

The "Spot Mode" feature of this vacuum cleaner gives you an option to clean a spot where there is too much dirt to overlook.

I will suggest people, use this feature when they need a spot or a single room to be cleaned.

Before we move to the next cleaning mode, let me tell you the corners are the most troublesome and I hope you will agree with me on this statement. If you have loads and loads of sharp edges and corners in your apartment or house then, trust me to clean it is really a time-consuming process.

So, the next cleaning mode about which I am gonna talk now is the solution to your worries related to cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of your apartment.

Let me take the opportunity to introduce the "Edge Mode". This mode emphasizes cleaning the areas that are considered to corner and edge part of a room or an apartment and it is important to highlight that the normal vacuum cleaners will find it difficult to clean it.

I can assure you that the cleaning efficiency will remain constant in this mode.

Do you think that cleaning modes are sufficient when it comes to tackling a dirty space of a house?

Please share your view in the comment section.

To make the vacuum cleaner perfect, the N795 has three "Cleaning Stages" to deal with the dirtiest corner of the house.

Along with the most sophisticated features, it also comes with a rechargeable battery which when fully charged can deliver continuously up to 120 minutes.

The runtime gives you feasibility to cover one or multiple rooms at one go.

When it comes to operating noise, I will not say that it is the quietest vacuum cleaner in the market. At a normal pace, it produces a sound of 67 dBA and at the "Max" speed the noise level may touch 70 dBA mark.

I am currently using this vacuum cleaner and can assure you that you can even watch the television show when this tiny robot is cleaning your room. 

vacuum cleaners AmazonI will rate it very high when it comes to user-friendly and convenient. There is an ECOVACS app that can help you regulate the things and, the good news is that you can pair it with Google home and Alexa as well.

After seeing these superlative features, there is a very high probability that it will grab your attention and if that is the case then, go ahead and book your copy today.

3. Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Canister Vacuum

The USP of the Miele Compact C2 is that it possesses a large area to collect and store dust when it is on a cleaning spree.

You can clean the entire apartment in one go and also, you don't need to visit garbage bin in the middle of the cleaning process to empty the cleaner.
quiet vacuum cleaner
Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele Compact C2 comes with SBB Parquet-3 Suction Floorhead that is great for hard floors and cleans your apartment without doing any damage to your carpet or even floors.

I can assure you that the soft bristles of this vacuum clear will take care of the dirt without causing any scratch to the floor or damage to the carpet.

Here, you will not find the height an issue. Well, the electro+ in the name emphasizes the five settings in the foreheads which are capable enough to clean all types of carpets.

Even the stubborn soil embedded deep in the carpet can be easily removed using this vacuum cleaner and the operation is successfully performed due to the presence of the beater box.

Some other tools that can support and enhance the cleaning process are dusting brush, upholstery tool, and a crevice tool.

The six different suction setting is really a thing to be mentioned as well as highlighted in the review.

This suction helps you to take care of different surfaces at the different speed and thus, provides a unique cleanliness method.

By turning the dial to the appropriate position, you can adjust the suction settings.

The motor used in this vacuum cleaner is 1200-watt Vortex motor which delivers tremendous suction power when set at the maximum level.

The internal mechanism of the vacuum cleaner is designed in such a way that the motor keeps the power level constant and prevents it from fluctuating even though you change settings frequently. As a result, the bills are minimal at the end of the year.

C2 Electro+ and the German design is a deadly combo. The protective layer inside the device acts as a sound dampening catalyst. The unique German design and the high-quality motor make this vacuum cleaner a complete package.

The package also includes the starter dust and you will NOT at all hear any squeaking.

Finally, this vacuum cleaner will help you to stay away from the unwanted noise. Even your pets will not panic when the vacuum cleaner is doing its work. Thanks to the German design.

You need to be very careful when putting out the vacuum cleaner with the dust bags. 

vacuum cleaner amazonAs compared to the contemporary cleaners which don't have a good system in place to clean the air, the Miele has this privilege. Trust me, HEPA filter does the work efficiently. It takes out allergenic particles and also, remove the stink from the air.

Needless to say, the filter is washable and it doesn't get clogged.

I have tried to cover all the features and if you are interested in knowing more about this filter then, let me know in the comment section.

4. Dyson V10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Allow me to introduce you to the "freedom of cleaning" vacuum cleaner. Dyson, a cordless quiet vacuum cleaner is definitely the one that I will love to have on my list.

I hope you are well aware of the fact that cordless vacuum cleaner gives you a lot of flexibility and you have to be least bothered about the entanglement as well as damaged parts.

Depending upon your requirement, you can use additional tools with this vacuum cleaner. Including floor head, you can use three detachment with this little beast.

quiet vacuum cleaner
Quiet Vacuum Cleaners
I will suggest you, use upright version for cleaning the floors. Dyson uses the V10 motor to get high-speed suction power and as a result, you can find your carpets and floor well cleaned. If used properly, it has the capability to take care of the tiniest of the dust particles engraved in the carpet.

As the name suggests, the handheld attachment is good for idiosyncratic areas that need additional attention.

In case you have small kids and pets in your house, then you can use the handheld attachment to get rid of the dirt and unwanted particles from the curtains, soft top, carpet, and furniture with ease.

The handheld attachment is a blessing in disguise when it comes to cleaning the floor of the room. Don't worry, you don't have to stretch anymore.

The attachment extends to give you the reach and also, it negates the risk of standing on the stool and then cleaning the ceiling.

I hope you are clear with all the attachments and you can switch between the attachments in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is use the trigger and it takes just a push to do so.

I will NOT consider the runtime of the filter as pros because it's just 60 minutes and I believe it's not enough to clean the entire apartment. You need to charge the battery for 3.5 hours to get the runtime of 60 minutes.

You will experience the same suction capacity in "Max" mode by the battery as it is with the V10 motor.

The V10 motor has the capacity to continuously suck the dirt for 20 minutes.

There isn't any doubt that it has an edge over its predecessors when it comes to quietness and efficiency. 

It has 150% more brush bar power than the previous Dyson V6. 

Similar to the other quiet vacuum filters, it also uses HEPA filter to help you with allergy-free air to breadth in.

According to the research that I have done, HEPA filters are the best in the market.

If you are using a motorized cleaning tool then, you can expect the vacuum cleaner to purify the air for 25 minutes at one stretch.

A 0.2-gallon bin is used to collect the dust.

You don't have to touch the bin for the expelling of the dirt, the machine will take care of it.

best vacuum cleaner amazonLast but not least, if you are the one who hates the heavyweight machines then, allow me to share with you a piece of good news.

This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and you can easily carry it from one place to another for the cleaning purpose.

Hope you liked the product review and If you are either on the verge of buying this product or already have bought it, please update us about the same in the comment section.

5. HoLife Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

To start with, I prefer HoLife above Eureka EasyClean when it comes to a silent handheld vacuum cleaner.

This is a budget vacuum cleaner and if you are someone who is looking for a quiet vacuum cleaner under $100 then, I think this is one of the best option available in the market today.

quiet vacuum cleaners 2019
Quiet Vacuum Cleaners
It comes with a 90-watt DC motor. Keeping in mind that we are dealing with the handheld vacuum cleaner, the power of the motor is undoubtedly great. The motor helps the cleaner to generate 6kpa worth of suction pressure.

In case you have doubt about the pressure, then let me tell you the pressure is enough to clean hair, food residue, tiny debris, and also tiny air particles. 
You can take into consideration 0.1 microns here.

HoLife has the capability to clean a small apartment at one go. From staircase to dormitory, everything can be cleaned using this cordless vacuum cleaner.

You will NOT believe but some of my friends have used HoLife vacuum cleaner for even cleaning the interiors of the cars.

It comes with three accessories.
  • A clean brush
  • Dusting brush
  • Crevice tool
It can also take care of liquid waste. The rubber jar can take care of 100 mL of the liquid waste and this quantity is enough to take of your kids or pets pee.

A 2200 mAh Lithium battery gives this vacuum cleaner a great run time. The charging dock is compact and easy to use and it takes 4 hours to completely charge this vacuum cleaner. The battery is rechargeable and non-toxic.

You can expect 30 minutes of runtime.

Unfortunately, you can't expect it to be as quiet as some of the high ends vacuum cleaners. My team measured the noise that it produces at maximum capacity and it was found to be 78 dBA.  The noise it produces is moderate and since you will be managing this product by your hand, you can expect a further decrease in the noise dBA. Trust me, it's NOT the loudest of all the vacuum cleaners, there are many vacuum cleaners are louder.

The machine comes under the category of lightweight and weighs only 3.27lbs. You can clean 1615 sq.ft room in one go.

It comes with two filters built inside the ergonomic mechanism. As a result, you can expect air to be twice as clean as compared to normal cleaners.

There is a removable dirt bowl instead of a dust bag inside. 

You need to press the LOCK button and take it out along with the washable filters.

After you empty the dust bowl, you need to clean it and also, the two filters.

quiet vacuum amazonSo, finally I can say that like the best quiet vacuum cleaners which have at least two benefits besides the quietness to amaze the buyers, this one isn't different and thus, It possesses all the characteristic of the best quiet vacuum cleaners and that too at the price of fewer than 100 dollars.

Do I really need to talk more about its features?

Before we conclude, allow me to share some mindboggling product review posts.

Wrapping Up: Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaners

If you will search in the marketplace, you will get a variety of quiet vacuum cleaners. Some of them may be at par with the vacuum cleaners that we have reviewed and rest may not a good choice.

Our main aim was to reduce the confusion by narrowing down on the number of the product to be reviewed. It gives you an opportunity to select from the top 5 best quiet vacuum cleaner.

Every product listed on the post targets a particular segment of customers.

Needless to say, we review only those products that we have used or we have received the feedback from our clients.

It will be an injustice to other products if I select and say this is the quietest vacuum cleaner. Trust me, if that is the case for some product segment then, I will review only one product.

Needless to say, all are best in their own way.

Depending upon your requirement and where you want to you, a product can be best for you.

The word "best" and "quietest" are relative and any product which is quietest now may not be the same in future.

For example, upright vacuums are better for floors and at the same time, handheld systems are great for special occasions.

Similarly, the robotic vacuum cleaner can be considered as an all-rounder but at the same time, it is pricey. So, again it's your call.

I can only say that I use ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner.


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