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Best Silent Gaming Mouse | An Unbiased Review

Best silent gaming mouse

This blog post is dedicated to all the hardcore gamer out there. I was a gamer, I am a gamer, and I will be a gamer ... FOREVER. So, I definitely understand the importance of Silent Gaming Mouse.

This post is directly coming out from my heart, so please bear with me. If you have landed on this page, then either you are a gamer or you are a "wannabe" gamer. I assume that you are a hardcore gamer and thus, you can definitely correlate yourself with the importance of the silent gaming mouse. When the game becomes tough, then your concentration level should be superlative high to get things going, isn't it?

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As a gamer, you will always want to fully focus on each level. A small mistake or wrong move can let your competitor win. In this scenario, you can bet high on the silent gaming mouse which gives you the freedom to concentrate without a single utterance.

Most of the time, your room partner get disturbed because of the clicking sound going all around and of course, continuously. For the first few days, he may not question you but with the passage of time, things can become ugly.

When I was in my teenage, I bought my first gaming mouse to play late night sessions even without letting my parents know about it.

This post is very special to me because it gave me an opportunity to remember and cherish all my gaming sessions. 

Trust me, today the market is flooded with the gaming mice and you have loads and loads of options. Though it's good to have options still it may create confusion at times.

I am gonna review the TOP 5 BEST SILENT GAMING MOUSE that I have used in course of my gaming career. If you are assuming that I have become old and I may not be reviewing the latest product, then folks you are taking me lightly.

I am still a hardcore gamer and whenever I get an opportunity, I do play with the same tempo, enthusiasm, and intensity.

If you are in hurry as most of the gamers on this planet, then you can simply click on the below links and buy silent gaming mouse from the Amazon.
best silent gaming mouse

Best Silent Gaming Mouse 

In this post, I am not gonna review high-end gaming mouse such as Steel Series, we all know that they are the best in the market. I will be reviewing the gaming mice which are budget-friendly and highly suitable for casual gamers.

The hardcore gamers will definitely go with Razer DeathAdder or Steel Series but there are the majority of budding gamers looking for "value for money" kinda of the silent gaming mouse and this post is meant for them.

 1. TENMOS K96

The thing that I love about this TENMOS K96 is the appearance and also, the LED light that you can turn on and off while playing. The inbuilt six buttons can help you to scroll, DPI key, left key, right key, page forward, and page backward.
The design is very attractive as well as innovative and, the scroll wheel in the middle of the mouse is something you will definitely enjoy while playing. The scroll is so smooth and fast that you will fall in love with it. 

It is uniquely designed to make you feel comfortable. The idiosyncratic blend of ergonomic design, high-quality ABS material, and durable nylon braided cable gives it a long lifespan.

There is a lot of probability that the adjustable DPI may grab your attention. You just need to press DPI button to get high accuracy and consistent responsiveness.

I forget to mention that the DPI of K96 is adjustable to 1200/2000/2400/3200.

A free control over the speed of mouse can help you to play and enjoy the game better.

Being a late night gamer, I definitely know the importance of the K96's soundless design. There isn't any doubt that the soundless design for the left and right button will improve the concentration and at the same time, it will live up to your expectation.
wireless mouse amazon
The colorful LED light plays a significant role in building the perfect ambiance needed for the gaming.

Last but not least, the K96 silent gaming mouse is highly compatible with the most systems.

2. FOME Wireless Mouse

Fome Wireless Mouse is a value for a money gaming mouse with amazing features. If your budget is tight, then you can consider this mouse as one of the appropriate option available in the market.

silent wireless gaming mouse
Best Silent Gaming Mouse
The mouse is known for extended battery life (20 months) and saving power capabilities. The LED battery indicator helps you to know if the battery is low.

This wireless mouse is known to have all the essential ingredients that a gaming mouse must have. For example, anti-friction surface for good grip, a good working range of 10 meters without obstacles.

The thing that I love about this wireless gaming mouse is the noise reduction capability. The mouse is rated to be 94.765% quieter than its counterparts. 

Needless to say, the mouse is a great choice for hassle-free gaming.

Simply concentrate on the game and forget the unwanted click noise, the problem related to gripping and tangled wires. 

wireless mouse amazonIt comes with an inbuilt 1000-1600-2400 PI switch to ensure that the game process quickly locates the object.

I will recommend FOME wireless mouse to the individuals who are fed up of frequently replacing their mouse battery. The battery life of this mouse is 5 times more as compared to a normal computer mouse.

Before we review some more silent gaming mice, allow me to share the link of some other soundproofing products review:

3. VicTsing Silent Gaming Mouse

I highly recommend the VicTsing silent gaming mouse due to multiple reasons. If you are new to gaming, then you should definitely try this gaming mouse. 

best silent gaming mouse 2019
Best Silent Gaming Mouse
To make the mouse user-friendly and effective, it has five adjustable DPI levels(800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400). The two-way wireless transmission technology makes this mouse secure, precise, and ultra fast. The mouse performance isn't interrupted till 10 meters distance.

This mouse is perfect for public places such as offices, cafes, libraries etc as the right as well as left click makes an almost negligible sound.

The thing that I like about the VicTsing silent gaming mouse is the presence of the advanced energy-saving chip and the capability to perform fine on many surfaces.

You will see a button at the bottom of this mouse with three options, that is, ON, OFF, ON/Light.

You can use the LED backlight by using option ON/Light.

The power saving mode will automatically be ON if the mouse stays out of work for 8 minutes.

If you find the low power indicator flashing in red, then its time to change the battery.

If you are a high-end gamer, then this mouse isn't for you.

You will be astonished to know that this mouse has been rated as the most silent gaming mouse by its users.
silent gaming mouse amazon
The VicTsing silent gaming mouse has streamline design, anti-fingerprint, and sweat resistance features, that makes it a great choice for the newbies. Further, the anti-slip rubber scroll wheel prevents your hand for slipping while you are in the middle of the game.

Once you will start using this mouse, you will love to take it with you while you are traveling because it is highly portable and twice as thin as compared to its counterpart.

Last but not least, this mouse comes with a super-fast wireless connection and 6 programmable buttons which definitely makes it a perfect choice for casual gamers.


The SROCKER C10S wireless technology mouse is known for providing gamers with accurate position and reliable tracking. If you are worried about frequently charging your mouse, then I have a solution for you. 
best silent gaming mouse

Once the SROCKER C10S is charged fully, you can use it for two weeks. Well, the auto-sleep function saves the battery and also, prolong its life.

Either you are sharing a room with your friend or living with your family, this mouse can help you to completely enjoy the gaming environment by adopting the noise reduction switch. Further, the no click sound design creates a noiseless environment and thus, helps you to defeat your enemies silently.

Needless to say, the mouse helps you to increase the moving speed and better integrate into the game by choosing from DPI (1000-1600-2000).
silent gaming mouse amazon
The SROCKER C10S is ergonomically designed keeping the right-handed gamer in mind.

You will feel great while playing computer games such as GTA5, LOL, Dota 2 etc due to the multi-colorful backlight design.

The curve shape supports the fourth and fifth finger in a superlative idiosyncratic way and thus, helps the right-handed gamer to perform better.

Overall, it's a value for money silent gaming mouse.

5. Leadsail Silent Mouse

Wouldn't it be nice if there wasn't any need of charging the mouse?
If that sounds exciting, then the Leadsail silent mouse can be your best pick!

  • Rechargeable Cordless Mouse
  • Silent Click Quiet Mouse
  • High Precision Optical Mouse
  • Energy Saving Mobile Mouse
  • Plug and Play USB Wireless Mouse
It comes with a rechargeable USB port and thus, you can charge it through the laptop. Needless to say, you don't have to bother about charging pads anymore.

Similar to counterparts, it also has 5 DPI(800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400) settings that ensure smooth cursor control and precision tracking.

It has inbuilt lithium battery and an automatic power saving mode which gets activated when the mouse is inactive for few minutes. Once the Leadsail is fully charged, it can be used for months assuming 8 hrs/day use.
silent mouse amazon
As compared to the normal computer mouse, the Leadsail silent mouse has 90 percent less noise.

The mouse is pocket size and highly portable which makes it a perfect choice for travelers and nomads.

You can use it comfortably in public places such as offices, cafes, libraries, meeting hall etc.

Even after long hours of play, your hand will be comfortable and relaxed because the anti-fingerprint and sweat resistant techniques will provide your hand maximum support. The ergonomic design seamlessly fits in your hand.

What To Consider When Buying A Silent Gaming Mouse?

DPI: The DPI can be abbreviated as dots per inch. It is an important factor to be considered in case the resolution of your laptop or computer is high. 

If you are looking for a sensitive mouse, then you can use the DPI as a scale of measurement.

In the layman language, the higher a mouse's DPI, the farther the cursor will move on the screen when you move the mouse.
[Related]: What is DPI of a Mouse? If your mouse has a high DPI, then you will not have to drag your mouse all over the desk to play the games efficiently.

Any gamer wants the movement of the mouse to be precise to smooth and precise. Thus, a mouse with a high DPI model can serve the purpose.

Polling Rate: It is definitely an important factor when taking a final call on the silent gaming mouse. Polling rate can be defined as the frequency at which the computer or laptop checks for a signal from the mouse. However, a decent gaming mouse has the polling rate between 500 Hz to 1000 Hz.

The downside of using a mouse of high polling rate is that it uses up more CPU resources. With that being said, go for a gaming mouse with a decent polling rate.

Functionality: The functionality and technology of the mouse that you are planning to buy must be in the sync with your requirement. Depending upon your need and budget, you may go for an optical gaming mouse or laser gaming mouse. Needless to mention, both of them have infrared LED technology as well as illumination.

Though an optical or laser gaming mouse can be used from distance still they have a high maintenance cost. So, check your budget before buying one.

Ergonomics: If the look and feel of the mouse as well as comfortability quotient are on your priority list, then ergonomics is something that you need to keep a track of. It is important for a good gaming mouse to have a superlative finger balance.

A right finger balance can help you to get better control. If your gaming performance improves with a good gaming ambiance, then definitely look for a mouse with good design. To make the gaming experience unique and exciting, you can look for gaming mice with gorgeous LED lights.

Left Or Right Handed: Either you are a hardcore gamer or a  casual one, you will NOT deny the fact that same mouse can't serve the purpose for the left and right-handed gamers. 

If you will do some research, you will get to know that there are lots of options available for the right-handed gamer but at the same time, left-handed gamers have a limited option.

So, it is good to consider it an important criterion while buying a gaming mouse.

Customization Software: I hope most of you will be aware of the fact that the gaming mice manufacturers have their own customized software. You can only customize and control the software if you have the keyboard of the same company. The gaming utility plays a crucial role in influencing the overall gaming experience.

When it comes to customization, you can record macro commands, activate premade and at the same time, you can create your own profile.

It's not a must-have feature but if you have it, your experience will definitely improve.

Buttons: A good gaming mouse has more than two buttons. Moreover, these buttons can be customized and provide the end customer great user experience.

You can save the settings using these buttons which results in good user experience.

These buttons can be used to copy, paste, delete and complete the gaming task.

I will suggest you, go for a mouse which has more than two buttons. 

Remember to check the right and left clicks are noiseless.

Weight: Most of the gaming mice has an option to add and remove weights. We have already discussed that the gaming mice can be customized as per the gamers requirement.

There are gaming mice that can be customized to adjust the center of the balance and also, change the pitch and height of the palm rest.

Some gaming mice also have an option of swapping out the side grips.

I suggest ambidextrous design to the left-handed gamers.

Other Features: I will love to highlight the polling rates as well as acceleration rates. If you are playing on an international platform, it is important to have programmable buttons.

Last but not least, I would like to throw some light on the budget. I will never suggest buying a gaming mouse that will put a dig on your pocket.

Wrapping UP: The Best Silent Gaming Mouse

First of all, I would love to thank you for being with us till the end. We have carefully evaluated the top 5 best silent gaming mouse on must have parameters.

I will recommend VicTsing Silent Gaming Mouse because of high DPI offering(3200) as well as affordability.

Needless to say, LED lights, sound design, and amazing look give this silent gaming mouse an upper edge as compared to the counterparts.

If you are one of those gamers whose performance improves drastically in a perfect gaming ambiance, then definitely this mouse is the one you should bet on. The LED lights do all for you.


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