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About Us is a knowledge-based blog. During an epigrammatic span of time, we have to burgeon our skills to guide our clients in the field of soundproofing. The process of soundproofing an entire apartment is quite expensive as well as tedious. It involves soundproofing doors, soundproofing walls, soundproofing windows, soundproofing foam and so on...

This blog has recently grabbed the attention because of its idiosyncratic approach towards the soundproofing process. We believe in an unbiased review of soundproofing products.

We at try our best to create useful and solution-oriented contents. Every post on this blog will be an answer to one of the queries from our readers.

From a customer perspective, it's very important for you to first gain knowledge about soundproofing materials as well as soundproofing installation, and then hire a consultant for soundproofing work. Once you know the pros and cons of the soundproofing, then it will be easy for you to buy the products that cater to your needs.

About Me:

My name is Abhijat. I am an engineer and an MBA graduate by education and, a blogger by passion. I am active in the blogosphere for quite a few time now. I love writing about cryptocurrency, stress management, and various other topics.

I started working as a soundproof consultant on a part-time basis, and now it's the thing that I ONLY know.

soundproofing review blog

How the blog happened?

It was summer and I  had to work on a project from home for a few months. I got a lot of disturbances because of my house being on the roadside. I had no clue, what to do? My friend gave me a suggestion to go for soundproofing. 

I consulted a few of the soundproof consultant but I wasn't happy with their suggestions.  Finally, I found the internet to be useful to me. I did intensive research on the concepts, products, and installations.

After reading about soundproofing for a few months and gaining the necessary information, I went for soundproofing my home office, baby room, and other necessary areas.

Now, I am sharing the knowledge on this blog what I have learned in the entire process.

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