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Quietest Nespresso Machine | An Unbiased Review | [Buying Guide]

quietest nespresso machine

Best Quietest Nespresso Machine

Coffee is the first thing that I want to start my day with. Sometimes I take a few cups of coffee to get some idea to kick in.

Do you also start your day with a cup of coffee?

Recently I bought a Nespresso machine for my home office. This was perhaps the best investment that could have done for me. The Nespresso machine helps me to get the same taste and aroma that I could get at a coffee cafe.

Well, I am not done. It has a lot more benefits. The best thing about it is that it makes you independent and, you aren't dependent on anyone for a fresh cup of coffee.

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When I started looking for a quiet Nespresso machine, I literally got confused with so many product variants available in the market and, everyone claims to be better than the competitor.

However, you need to consider so many factors before taking a final call on a Nespresso machine.

Before we dive deep into the discussion, allow me to share the TOP 5 quietest Nespresso machine that made to our review list.

Needless to say, all these products are either tested by our soundproof team or our team have received positive feedback from our clientele.

top 5 quietest nespresso machine
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quietest nespresso machine 2019

What to consider when buying a Quiet Nespresso Machine?

Number of Cups of Coffee:

The Nespresso coffee machine comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Everything revolves around a person's requirement and budget when it comes to buying any product. The different types of these machines have different capacities for the capsules. Some will have fewer capsules while the rest may have more capsules.

For example, if you are looking for the Nespresso machine that can serve a good number of coffee cups at one go, then look for a model that has rapid heat up time along with decent water tank size.

Again, if you buy a Nespresso machine with rapid heat time, but small water tank, your purpose will not serve and, vice versa.

Similarly, if your requirement is just a few cups of coffee then, I will never recommend you to invest money in the machine with high capacity.

However, finally, its gonna be you who have to take the final call, I can only give my recommendation.

Storage Space:

I consider storage space as one of the important factors that can influence the buying decision.

Depending on the availability of the space, you have to select a machine. You may go for sleek, mid-size or the bigger ones, but at the same time, you need to keep in mind the amount of space that you can provide to the machine.

Easy to Use:

I personally prefer an automatic or semi-automatic home appliances. Again, it totally depends upon your choice. 

The benefits of an automatic machine are that human intervention is minimal, and you can utilize the time for some productive work.

Well, I will definitely recommend you to buy a Nespresso machine which is user-friendly and the controls should be easy to use.

Easy to Clean:

Always prefer a machine which can be cleaned easily. Before buying a Nespresso machine, I was looking for some maintenance and cleaning tips, and luckily I found a good article.

When it comes to Nespresso machine, always look for the one which has removable trays and, a cleaning friendly design.

Brewing Time:

We really want the brewing time to be less so that we can get our favorite coffee on time.

All the products that made to our list have very less amount of brewing time. These Nespresso machines have proven records of quickly brewing the coffee.

Silent Operation:

For me, quiet operation is an important parameter and, I always look for a product which produces negligible noise.

I don't wanna disturb my entire family early morning by preparing a cup of coffee and, hope you will stand with my iconic statement.

So, always look for a Nespresso machine which gives you the morning dose, but not at the cost of your roommates or family members comforts.


Until and unless, you aren't extremely rich, the budget will definitely matter, isn't it?

For me, It's among the top priority while taking a final call on a particular product.

However, we have come up with a product-mix and, if you are with us till the end, we will help you with the best cost-effective quietest Nespresso machine.

Drink Preference:

First and foremost, check that the Nespresso machine that you have selected prepares your favorite coffee or not. For example, I love Cappuccino so I will look for a machine that will make this coffee.

The best way to come to a conclusion is to check all the variety of coffee that a particular Nespresso machine makes and, then compare it with the counterparts.

Does it sound boring or tedious to you?

Well, we have done the homework for you, keep reading, you will get all the needed pieces of information.


It's fairly a relative term. Everyone has their own way to perceive the style and, what may be a great style for me may not be for you. So, I would like to say buy one that syncs with your kitchen decor or add a flavor of elegance to the place where you wanna keep it.

BEST quietest nespresso machine review

Quietest Nespresso Machine Review

1. Nespresso Lattissima Pro Espresso Machine

If you are the one who loves dense, rich, long-lasting foam in every cup, then the Nespresso Lattissima will grab your eyeballs.

The USP of this machine is the Nespresso Capsule System. It helps you to get rid of the tedious cleaning and unwanted measuring. The recyclable aluminum capsule contains the finest espressos.

nespresso lattissima pro review
Nespresso Machine Review
For preparing an enticing cup of coffee, water flow and pressure plays a crucial role. 

To bring out the best, this machine uses a patented espresso extraction system.

It works in a unique way that makes the coffee preparation superlative. The system functions in such a way that it creates a unique flow of water along with 19 bars of pressure, and supplemented by optimum temperature.

As a result, you get a long-lasting foam with ultimate flavor.

To keep the machine clean and hygienic, the unit is designed in such a way that no milk comes in contact with the machine and, the milk container can be easily removed and dishwasher safe.

The machine has an option to dispense milk in the adjustable level of taste during the extraction process.

If you are worried about the heat-up time, then let me tell you, a few seconds is more than enough to get your favorite espresso and, all the credit goes to the built-in thermal block heating system.

I have tried a few cups of coffee from this machine and, I can assure you that it's not less than the Barista style beverage.

To make this Nespresso machine user-friendly, the company has come up with a sensor touch display. This touch display can help you to get 6 different drinks on a single touch.

The drinks that you can expect under the name "one-touch beverage brewing" are espresso, lungo, cappuccino, ristretto, latte, hot water as well as hot milk.

Well, we talked enough about the quality, functionality etc. Let's have a look at the elegant design that will sync with any type of home decors.

This high-end sleek designed machine is made up of the premium stainless steel which is not only eye-catching but also durable and long-lasting.

The water tank used for the refilling purpose is large and, so you can brew cup after cup instantly.

Literally, zero waiting time between the brewing cups of drink.

It comes with a world-class selection process and, gives you an option to select from three Nespresso capsule options: intense, mild, and fruity.

If we talk about the users' reviews, then you will be astonished to know that most of the users have rated this machine very high on various parameters.

Some of the users gave the feedback that they calculated the price of the capsules and, it falls in the range of 70 cents to 2 dollars per capsules and, if you are a coffee lover, then you can easily calculate the cost-effectiveness of these capsules.

This Nespresso machine is so enticing that a few users' have claimed to upgrade from a plus to a pro.

The users' are praising some of small yet, important features included in this machine. One of them being a float switch, it tells you when your machine is low on water and, prevents the sudden panic while preparing a cup of coffee.
nespresso machine amazon
Most of the users' are bragging about the machine capability to allow you to do your coffee selection without waiting for the unit to heat up. You have to select your preference and walk away, the rest will be taken care of by this machine. Once the machine is ready, it will auto-process your input.

Needless to say, the machine scored really high on the quietness parameters else it would haven't made to our list. After all, our intention is to help your family sleep well while you are brewing a cup of coffee.

On the downside, some of the user's aren't having with the process called descaling that you will need to perform using this machine for 6 or 8 months. It requires a cleaning kit and, that you have to purchase on your own. Descaling is a kind of cleaning process that you will have to perform once in a while.

2. Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee and Espresso Machine

The Nespresso Creatista Plus can be a great option if you are a Latte Art Coffee lover. The company claims that you can make Barista grade latte coffee at your home with the help of Breville steam pipe.

top 5 quietest nespresso machine
Nespresso Machine Review
This is perhaps one of the best Nespresso machine available in the market for the latte lovers. The machine is uniquely designed to grab anyone's eyeballs and, at the same time, provides highly customized features for the latte lovers.

The refined brushed stainless steel finish put it into the high-end category.

I literally love the cafe quality micro foam that it makes with the help of pour spout design. To magnify the look and feel, the jug that this machine uses is a stainless steel barista milk jug.

Moving further, let's see, how versatile this machine is?

To compete against the counterparts, it gives you an 8 beverage selection options. 
  • Black Coffee Settings - Ristretto, Lungo, and Espresso
  • Milk-based Recipe -  Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Flat Milk, and Latte Macchiato
Of course, you also have the option of warning water and milk.

In terms of versatility, it has a different level of settings for coffee volume, milk texture, and milk temperature.

So, in short, you can completely customize the beverage, according to your taste.

The user experience is something I have never talked before and, let me tell you one secret about this machine.

This Nespresso machine is bound to give you great user experience. Whether it is temperature sensing and fast self-cleaning or the innovative automatic steam pipe, all will make your experience unique.

Further, it provides you with an easy to use user interface. If you are a newbie and worried about the various settings, then there is a piece of good news for you.

The high-resolution display guides you on all preparation, maintenance, and setting aspects.

Well, cleaning a Nespresso machine is hectic, isn't it? This machine comes with an automatic purge of the steam wand after every use to make your cleaning process easy and less time-consuming.

The USP for this machine is the High-Pressure Pump. The 19 bar high-performance pump brings to you the barista style coffee by getting the best out of the capsule in form of premium aroma and delicate flavor.

Auto shut and the fast heat up system are the two most talked about features of this machine.

Literally, auto-shut is a great boom, when it comes to power saving. The machine will automatically shut-off after 9 minutes if it is not in use.

Can you believe that the fast heating system of this Nespresso machine reaches the ideal temperature in just 3 seconds?

Well, that was the claim by the company and when we cross-checked with some users, they confirmed the claim to be legit.

To explore the innovative side and give users something that they will really love, the company has introduced the Nespresso app. It will help you to find your favorite coffee flavor.

With a motive to keep the mother earth a safe and secure place for the future generation, the aluminum capsules are recyclable and eco-friendly. These capsules are known for the freshness and exceptional taste.

The machine performs operation quietly and, I can assure you that it will match your expectation. 
nespresso machine amazon
As per the customers' reviews, most of them have preferred this Nespresso machine over the counterparts because of the steam wand and milk frothing capabilities.

On the downside, some users' have grievances about the buttons not working properly after few months and, few feel that the coffee comes out at a temperature that is too less to extract the full coffee flavor.

However, I give this machine full marks for quietness :)

3. Breville Nespresso Creatista Single Serve Espresso Machine

Though the Breville Nespresso Creatista has all the features that a high-end Nespresso machine should have still I will love to recommend this beautiful beast to someone who is literally made about the sophisticated and premium design.
best quietest nespresso machine review
Nespresso Machine Review

The robust design has a high-gloss finish and, trust me, you will literally fall in love with the design, in case, you adore beauty.
When it comes to versatility, it is no less than another Nespresso machine in a similar category.

A versatile level of settings and, eight beverage selection options make this machine a good option among the people looking to try something new.

If we talk about the cleaning process, it's really simple and easy. Within a few minutes, your work is done.

The machine executes a self-cleaning process after every operation.

You will definitely get a high-end user experience and, the credit goes to the innovative, expert, and automatic steam pipe.

You can try some innovative flavor by adjusting the milk setting up to 5 levels and, froth quality up to 4 levels.

I really rate this Nespresso machine very high on the user-friendly parameter. The user interface is highly intuitive and the high-resolution display is an ultimate guide for the newbies.

The high-pressure pump plays a crucial role in preparing a dense and unctuous cream.

To make the machine power efficient, it goes into power saving mode after 9 minutes, if the machine is not in use.

The heat-up system is fast but not as fast as the previous one. It takes almost 10 seconds to reach the ideal temperature.

The Nespresso mobile app gives you an option to explore a different variant of coffee.

We have spent a good amount of time to know the customer feedback and, it is highly positive. The customers have appreciated the user-friendly control panel and, the various innovative functionality provided by this Nespresso machine.
best nespresso machine amazon
Some of the other parameters on which this machine is appreciated by the customers are elegant design, quietness, easy frothing, and easy to use.

On the downside, a few customers have grievances with the poor customer service and, some were having a problem with the steam pipe.

All said and done, I recommend this quietest Nespresso machine wholeheartedly.

4. Nespresso Lattissima One

The Nespresso Lattissima One is the winner of the "Reddot" award 2018 in the design category.

Quietest nespresso machine 2019
Nespresso Machine Review
The USP of this machine is the "innovative" milk system. The process is very simple and, each time you can customize your beverage. 

You have to fill the jug with the amount of milk that you want in your coffee, rest will be taken care of by the machine. It will froth the milk directly into the coffee cup and brew the coffee for the perfect taste.

You don't have to worry about cleaning as the milk jug is dishwasher safe.

I will recommend this Nespresso machine to the lovers of the Cappuccino and Latte.

As compared to its counterparts, it doesn't have many options when it comes to one-touch buttons for different beverages.

It has only 3 buttons for beverage preparation. The one-touch preparation buttons are for espresso, lungo, and milk button for latte and cappuccino.

The machine comes under the "affordable" category. The machine is compact and can adjust in a small space as well. The design is premium and, uses qualitative finishing material such as subtle gloss and chromed lever.

It also has an internal storage container where the used capsules automatically get ejected.

As compared to its competitors, it takes much more heat time for reaching the perfect temperature and, the heating time is dependent upon the beverage that you want to prepare.

For espresso the heating time is 25 seconds and, for milk beverages, it is 40 seconds.

Similar to the previous machine, It also uses a 19 bar high-pressure pump which performs extremely well in extracting the flavor and premium aroma of each coffee capsule.

The review for this product will be incomplete if we don't talk about the quietness. It ranks somewhere in the middle of the scale when it comes to quietness. 

On the downside, the users' are really worried about the cleaning which is, in fact, a tedious process for this machine. You have to disassemble and clean the milk system after every use.

This machine will suit best to those who are looking to make no more than one milk drink every day. It is also a feasible option for those who have limited counter space.
nespresso machine amazon
Some other users' have the grievance over the machine buttons not working properly.

The positive feedbacks include easy to use and budget-friendly parameters.

Before we review the last product that made to our list of the "Quietest Nespresso Machine", allow me to share with you the link of some mindboggling product review posts.

5. Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine

First of all, I would like to thank you guys for being with me till the end. We get highly motivated when we see people spending a good amount of time on our review posts.
The Nespresso Essenza Mini is a machine that anyone can afford and, the USP of this machine is "Affordability". It is cheap but it doesn't mean that the company has compromised on the design, features etc. If that would have been the case, then this machine wouldn't have made to our list.

Trust me, it's an amazing product and, that is the sole reason that I have pushed this product to the last for the review.

When we were doing hardcore research, we were literally surprised to see the value that it gives to the customer on a price tag of fewer than 100 dollars.

Well, this machine is a perfect example of value for money product.

The machine is highly portable and, has a rounded-edges and curvy design.

The machine is very compact and, will fit in any space.

You can expect two programmable cup size from this machine: espresso and lungo.

The heat-up system isn't as fast as the high-end Nespresso machines and, you can expect a 30 seconds duration for the machine to reach the ideal temperature.

The best thing about this machine is that it has the 19 bar high-pressure pump, a very important component, at a price range of fewer than 100 dollars. The pump is very crucial when it comes extracting the delicate flavor and premium aromas from each capsule.

The machine comes with two energy saving modes: eco-mode, and energy- saving function switch.

After 9 minutes of inactivity, the machine automatically gets off and, the automatic energy-saving function switch performs it very well.

On the other hand, after 3 minutes of the operation, the machine goes into eco-mode for low-energy consumption.

Well, awesome features at affordable price.

Wait, we have a lot more to discuss.
nespresso machine amazon
If you are someone who loves to take the risk and try something new, then Essenza mini is a perfect choice. It offers 16 authentic Espresso Grands Crus to satisfy every taste at any moment of the day.

If we talk about the quietness quotient of this machine, then it scores high as compared to many other similar products, but at the same time, if quietness is your top priority, then it's better to spend some more bucks and, get the quietest Nespresso machine.

The users' reviews are extremely positive. The users' really appreciate the design, compactness, and amazing features at the affordable price.

On the downside de, few of the users' have a problem with the milk frother and dispenser.

Quietest Nespresso Machine: Wrapping Up

All the Nespresso machine reviewed above are among the quietest products in the market.

These machines scores very high on the innovative features, heat-up time, cleanliness, quietness, and maintenance.

Depending upon your budget and requirement, you can select one of your choices.

In case you are looking for my recommendation, then I will NOT confuse you with too many options.

I personally use Breville Nespresso Creatista Single Serve Espresso Machine, but it doesn't mean the rest aren't as good as this one. I bought it because it caters to my requirements.


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