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Best Soundproof Blankets | An Unbiased Review

                                                 best soundproof blankets 2019

Expect the unexpected and you will be a happy and satisfied soul on this planet. This is the story of my friend, he is a well-known and respected Youtuber. It was the year 2013 and he decided to start a youtube channel. Guys, you will not believe but we literally said to him on his face' what the f***?'. Trust me, I can't think that time that Youtube can be a career and you can earn more than a 9 to 5 job. So, coming back to the story, his first video was live. A lot of work was behind his first video but unfortunately, all the effort went into the vain because of the noisy neighbors.
But...entrepreneurship is all about finding the new ways when things are not working out.

We googled and found that blankets can be used for the purpose of soundproofing. Though a lot of options were available for soundproofing a room still we went with the blankets.

Any Guess?

Best Soundproof Blankets 2019

The soundproof blankets are used in the audio recording studios. So, my friend thought it will work. Secondly, at that time neither us nor he was having a lot of money to invest.
Now, it was the time to select from a lot of variants of soundproof blankets available in the market. Trust me, it was a very difficult task. My friend did a lot of research and shortlisted a few blankets. Finally, we helped him to pick one.

But...It wasn't the best soundproof blanket. Again we bought one which was also a big failure. We decided that these blankets aren't gonna work. So, it's better to try some other alternatives. One of my close friends, Mr. Johson gave us a reference to a shop which was his relative shop, we went there and bought one soundproof blanket under his guidance. You will not believe but the blanket literally reduced the noise and echo drastically.

The thing that I want to bring to the table is the importance of knowing about a thing before planning to buy it.

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This is a complete guide which will help you to select from the best possible options available in the market. Trust me, It's altogether a different ballgame, today.

In case you are in hurry and don't have time to read the entire article. I have a few handpicked options for you. These are the best soundproof blankets and there is no doubt that it will match to your expectation.


Best Soundproof Blankets

These are the top five soundproof blankets that I will recommend. Though there are many options available in the market today still I will go with these five best soundproof blankets.
I will request you to take out some time from your busy schedule and go through the entire article. We will not only discuss the concept related to the soundproof blanket but also through some light on the frequently asked questions. So, stay tuned.

best soundproof moving blankets

Is Soundproof Blanket A Feasible Option?

Technically speaking, it depends. The relationship between the performance of a product and the expectation of a consumer is really an important parameter to calculate the success of a product.

If the performance is aligned with the expectation, then the product is successful and vice versa.

If you will ask my view, then I will say you not to expect complete soundproof. To achieve complete soundproof for a room, you will have to soundproof your doors, windows, ceiling, floor and so on. It's not only time taking process but also expensive.

I have been recommending soundproofing for instant relief from echo and outside noise.

If you are applying these blankets in the correct order and at the correct place, then a lot can be achieved.

How soundproof blanket works?

To understand the working of soundproof blankets, first, we will have to understand "how sound travels?".
soundproofing blankets

Sound needs a medium to travel, that is, air is a medium and sound waves travels through the air. The sound of footsteps travels through the solid material such as a floor.

For example, if two persons are kept in vacuum, then the voice of one person will not be heard by another person and vice versa. The reason is very simple, the absence of any medium.

Noises can be stopped in two ways- sound absorption and sound blocking. In the case of sound absorption, the materials used are soft such as foam material. You can easily find these kinds of products as these are soft and fluffy in appearance such as egg crate foam. Mostly, sound absorption is the best way to reduce echo in an apartment or space.

Though a lot of people use sound absorption in sync with sound blocking still both the things fall apart.

If you are looking for blocking the sound coming from the next room, bathroom, gallery or outside, the soft material will be of minimal help.

For sound blocking, we need to use heavier and denser material. This doesn't mean that you can't do sound blocking in your existing room. By adding an extra layer of dense material to your existing walls, you can make it soundproof. The same holds true for windows and doors.

Soundproof blankets are the blankets which restrict the air. These blankets are made up of thick and dense fabrics. As a result, the sound is not able to penetrate the blanket material and reach your ear. 

However, the presence of a small hole or space can degrade the efficiency of these blankets. Though in theory, we can prove that a soundproof blanket can reach 100% sound blocking still it's not achievable in practice.

I hope till now, you would have definitely understood that no soundproof blankets can be 100% effective.

Then, what's the use of buying it? You may not agree but we don't need 100 percent insulation. Instead, we just need the right amount of insulation from noise so that we can focus on our work and relax in the free time.

Examples Of Use Of Soundproof Blankets

Warehouse: The soundproof curtains can be used in the warehouse to reduce the unwanted noise. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to even communicate inside the warehouse. By placing the blankets on the perimeter of the warehouse, two purposes can be served. These blankets will absorb the internal noises such as vehicle horns. At the same time, it will also prevent the external noise to enter the premises.

Insulating Appliances: If you have a small baby in your house. Then, you must be looking for an option to insulate appliances such as washing machine, air conditioner and so on.

For us, it was the time when my wife gave birth to our first baby boy. The baby room was in between our bedroom and the hall. The problem was whenever my wife uses to wash clothes in the washing machine, the baby used to cry like anything.

Though it's been six years now still I couldn't understand whether the baby used to cry because of not able to sleep or because of fear.

But at that time, we don't have any option but to insulate the washing machine.

In our case, a combination of curtain and blanket worked. We used the curtain to soundproof the hall and the blanket to further enhance the insulation. My wife used to fold the blanket twice and then put it on the baby body for the optimum insulation. Trust me, the baby doesn't have any problem after that. It was just like a miracle for us.

Home Studio: One of the cheapest ways to soundproof your home studio is to use soundproof blankets. Though a lot of possible options are available still blanket along with curtain do the miracle. To add to it you can also soundproof your windows and doors.

These blankets can be used to cover the entire wall of the audio recording studio.

Study Space: It is very important for parents to soundproof the child study room. By soundproofing the study room, you can help your child to concentrate on the study. Distraction will be minimal for the child.

If you are thinking that it will be expensive, then you are absolutely wrong. You can use a blanket and curtain to soundproof the study room at a very low cost.

Just cover the walls of the room with a blanket and the cover the windows and doors with the soundproof curtains.

Important parameters to look for while buying a soundproof curtain

It's always important to look for certain parameters when you are planning to buy a soundproof blanket. These parameters can help you choose the blanket that suits your requirement.
Before, we start discussing these parameters, let's throw some light on two important terms- cutting, and layering blankets.

Never cut the blanket to fit your space. It's advisable to take the measurement of the space where you want to hang the blanket and then buy blanket accordingly.

Putting a cut on the blanket can drastically reduce its performance. Unlike a normal blanket, these are very thick and heavy and as a result, cutting the blanket can drastically reduce the performance.

If you are tight on the budget, then you can try layering the blanket for the optimum output. An acoustic blanket is costly and layering the moving blanket multiple folds can help you to achieve the result.

By doing multiple folds, you enhance the sound deadening capabilities of the ordinary blanket. 

Now, we will dig into some of the important parameters that are deciding factors for the performance of a blanket.

Whenever you are planning to buy a soundproof blanket, look for the thickness of the blanket. The more the thickness the better will be the sound deadening capabilities. 
Grommets are used to hang the blanket on the wall and the rod. Mostly, the cheapest blanket doesn't come with the grommets and you have to install the grommet in the blanket.
I will recommend you to buy the blanket with the grommet. If you are planning to buy a grommet for installation, then definitely look for strong iron grommet for the optimum output.
There are quilted and non-quilted designs. A quilted design absorbs sound as well as the temperature whereas non-quilted design helps in sound deadening at the cheaper price.There are different designs of the soundproof blanket and each one comes with its own sound deadening capabilities. Depending upon your need, you need to select a sound deadening blanket.
If you are looking to make your audio studio soundproof, then you should try a blanket with acoustical capabilities. Similarly, if you are looking for soundproof your study room, then you can try moving blanket.

Generally, the cheaper blankets are not good. The cheaper blanket can be used in the case when you are looking for mild to moderate sound deadening. I will discuss some of the best blanket available in the market.

Again, I am saying you never go for a cheap soundproof blanket. Depending upon your requirement, go for an acoustical or moving blanket.

I am saying you from my personal experience, the costly the blanket is the better is the capabilities.           

       Best Soundproof Blankets [My Pick]

soundproof moving blankets
Best Soundproof Blankets
Trust me, Guys, this is a beast in real life. You will not believe but this is one of the heaviest and thickest blankets available in the market. These consists of multiple layers of padding stitched within the blanket making it one of the best for appliance insulation.

The recycled cotton filler makes it unique as these cotton fillers act as a great sound deadening catalyst.

The US Cargo Control Moving Blankets are not only eco-friendly but also durable. The zig-zag stitches are hard to damage. These moving blankets are difficult to rip or tear.
soundproof blanket amazon
Since these moving blankets were not exclusively made for the soundproofing purpose so you will not find iron grommets attached to it. You will have to install iron grommets in the blanket for hanging it with the wall or rod. The 8-pound blanket is difficult to wash and dry. Some people complain of an unpleasant odor that the blanket emit. 

Overall, I will recommend this multi-purpose moving blanket. The brand is known for the reliability and durability.

Audimute absorption sheets are best for audio studio soundproofing. When you are soundproofing a studio, the most important thing is to negate the high and mid-range noises. This blanket does the 65% of the task which is way ahead of all other moving blankets available in the market. I will not deny the fact that still, a lot needs to be done but at the same time, this blanket is the best solution available in the market.

For better result, you can use this blanket in combination with soundproofing doors and windows.
best soundproof blankets 2019
Best Soundproof Blankets
The blanket is eco-friendly and made up of recycled materials such as wool and polyester. It's completely safe and natural.
I have seen most of the aspiring musicians running for the Audimute.

Any Guess?
The unique design creates an idiosyncratic acoustic effect. Definitely, you can expect clean feedback and crystal clear audio recording.

Nothing in this world is perfect. Whether it's a living thing or non-living, there is a positive side as well as negative.

soundproof blankets amazon
The same being true for this soundproof blanket. Unfortunately, these blankets aren't made up of "CLASS A" fireproof materials, so, there is a potential danger if these blankets are brought near open flames.
Overall, I will recommend this blanket. Once you are planning to buy this blanket, you have to keep two things in mind, ready to spend the extra cash, and be careful against fireworks.

3.Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Supreme Moving Blankets

best soundproof blankets
Best Soundproof Curtains
As the name suggests, these moving blankets are thin as compared to other soundproof blankets. Secondly, when are using it for moving furniture and other households, there is a probability of tear and wear. We have already discussed before in this article about the parameters you should look for while buying a soundproof blanket.
The weight and thickness of the blanket are among the deciding factors of the capabilities of a blanket.
Since this blanket is thin so it's soundproofing capabilities is less as compared to it's counterparts.

Who should you buy this blanket?

Till now, we have only discussed the negative side of this blanket. Let's throw some light on the positive side as well. These blankets come with a 12 piece in a package(72*80). If you are able to correctly utilize all the 12 pieces, then you can definitely do great work. Soundproofing a studio, warehouse and so on can be done with the help of these blankets. Here, you need to keep in mind that using these blankets can give you a comfortable level of soundproofing and not the perfect level.
To increase the sound absorbing capabilities, you can use two blankets together. If you are ready to do some stitching work, then you can stitch two or three blankets together for optimum benefits.

These blankets are easy to hang, wash, and dry. I will recommend this blanket to those who are looking for a comfortable soundproof zone.

They don't come with inbuilt grommets. So, you will have to install one. Last but not least, if you are planning to buy this blanket, then keep in mind that you will not be able to achieve a high level of insulation.

soundproof blanket amazon
Soundproofing a warehouse and Insulating Appliances are the two best fit for this blanket, according to my personal experience.
Whether it's warehouse or appliances, there is a moderate need for soundproofing and, thus, these blankets are the perfect match. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, these blankets are perhaps one among the best.

best soundproof blanketsThe first choice of the vocal artist, an exceptional acoustic capability, this blanket is 2 inches thick which helps it absorb the sound of almost all the decibel level. This blanket gives you a complete noiseless ambiance. 
As the name suggests, the blanket is made up of quilted fiberglass. The reflective surface and the bulky weight gives the blanket an edge overall its competitor. Needless to say, the blanket falls under the high-end category.

best soundproof blankets amazonThis soundproof blanket comes in a pack of one. It measures 4' width by 8' height by 2" thickness. The double-faced material of this blanket makes it a great absorber as well as a barrier to the noise.

Another important feature of this blanket is the embedded nickel plated brass grommets at the top as well as side edges for fastening to adjacent panels.

At $300, this blanket is for someone who is ready to invest some extra bucks and reap the benefits in the future. Some of the drawbacks include price, not easily mobile, and difficult to wash and hang.

Since I am recommending this blanket, I had also gonna through the reviews and feedback available on Amazon. Trust me, it's mindboggling. Almost more than 75% of the reviewer have rated it above 4 stars.

Some of the recommendations by the reviewers are highlighted as follows:
  • 10 dB noise reduction.
  • Good door cover for apartment project studios.
  • It is good quality and mailed fast.
  • As a solution for acoustic treatment and they are fantastic.
  • Worth every penny and saved our sanity.
So, what are you waiting for, order it NOW?

5.Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Deluxe Moving Blankets

examples of best soundproof blankets
Best Soundproof Blankets
I hope you are aware of the primary use of moving blankets, that is, to move household things such as appliances and furniture from one place to another. I hope you would have definitely experienced the fear of getting your valuable furniture getting damage while shifting your home. Though these blankets do a commendable job still a lot more can be done. Adding these thin moving blankets have a reason to it. Any Guess?
My idea is to use the moving blankets that you had bought for moving your furniture for soundproofing purpose. Needless to say, these moving blankets aren't as effective as the acoustical ones still they are perfect for appliances and study room soundproofing.

The blanket is made up of polyester and the zigzag pattern adds to the sound absorbing capabilities. One of the ways to increase the sound dampening capabilities is to multifold the blanket and then use it.
You will need to install grommets as they don't come with embedded one. They are machine washable.
soundproof blankets amazonI recommend it because of its multi-functionality and cheap price. If you are looking for the cheapest way to soundproof your studio, then perhaps this is the best option.
Before I discuss some of the alternatives to the one discussed above, let's have a look at some of the handpicked articles from this blog.
  1. Soundproof an Office Cubicle
  2. Best Soundproof Curtains
  3. Soundproof an Existing Wall
  4. Sound Deadening Car
  5. A-Z Soundproofing Guide

How can you soundproof your home recording studio using moving blankets?

Depending on the size of the studio, you need to decide on the number of blankets. We decided to do an experiment to check the efficiency of these moving blankets. We decided to create a small acoustic studio in the nook of my bedroom. I used 4 blankets each weighing 5 pounds. One of the important steps is to install the grommets in the correct way. 

Step 1: Take one blanket and punch five holes at equal distance on the shorter side of the blanket. You can use a grommet kit and the first punch should be at a distance of 6 inches from one corner.

Step2: The difference between each hole should be approximately 12 inches.

Step3: Continue the process with the second and the third blanket. Keep in mind that the hole on each blanket should overlap with its counterpart on other blankets.

Step4: Once you are done with the punching of holes, install the grommets.

Step5: I used the fourth blanket to cover the door. Depending upon my door size, I folded the fourth blanket lengthwise and, then installed three grommets at the top of the 4th blanket.

Step 6: I used 3M command hooks to hang the curtain.

So, after hanging the soundproof blanket, it turned to check the efficiency of the curtain. I used a decibel measuring app. My daughter was the television in the family room. I shut my master bedroom and checked the reading, it was showing 42 decibels. I took the app behind the curtain and checked the reading, it was showing 38 decibels.

For me, a decrease of 4 decibels was satisfactory. Only the thing, I didn't like about the curtain was the faint smell.

               Best Industrial Soundproof Blanket

Big Boxer Grommeted Industrial Blanket

The blanket is 78 inches longer and 72 inches wider which is sufficient to cover a small wall for the sound deadening application. The blanket has reinforced metal grommets on one side to for hanging evenly.
    soundproof blankets amazon
  • Hides factory equipment.
  • Dampens noise and vibration.
  • Provides privacy for high-security items in industry and warehouse.
Some of the top comments by the reviewer on Amazon are as follows:
  • Sturdy and perfect for sound dampening.
  • They work but smell horrible.
  • Exactly what was expected.
Each blanket weighs 5 pounds and they are made up of polyester and cotton.

I will recommend this blanket for warehouse and construction sites. If you aren't getting the expected result, then you can buy one more set and double the thickness. Hope it works.


soundproof blankets amazonThe smaller and lightweight blankets work great when it comes to soundproofing a living area. We always don't need 100% sound insolation. They are made up of the recycled cotton quilt and non-woven polyester.
You can increase the sound dampening capacity of the blanket by increasing the layer. They come in a pack of three which are 72 inches long and 45 wide.
You can give it a try and in case you aren't satisfied with the product, then you can ask for the refund within 30 days.


This is an enticing soundproof blanket. The blanket(80” x 72”) consists of cotton padding batting with polyester binding. The company claims to provide better protection compared to most of the competitor's offering.
The blanket weighs 2-3/4 pounds and the best part is that the zig-zag stitching holds the inner cushioning in place. The double-sided construction provides insulation from both the sides.
soundproof blanket amazonThese blanket doesn't come with installed grommets. The best thing that I liked about the blanket is that a packet consists of 12 blankets and costs around 50 dollars which is very cost effective and definitely sufficient to make a room or two soundproof.
I will recommend this blanket because it will definitely serve your purpose of mild to moderate sound dampening.

Wrapping UP: Best Soundproof Blankets

Though we have tried to cover almost all the soundproof blankets that are cost-effective, durable, and worth a purchase still I will try to add the new entrants to keep this post update.

Depending upon your requirement and most importantly your pocket, you can select one among these blankets. I can assure you that all the blankets which made to our list are value for money.

Finally, it's you who has to take the call. So, try to buy a blanket which serves multiple purposes. In the layman language, a moving blanket can also be used as a good soundproof curtain. The way you use these blankets is what that matter.

If you are ready to invest a bit, then I will definitely recommend this blanket else if the budget is tight, then you can try the moving blankets. If you have a warehouse, then you can definitely give a try to an industrial blanket. 


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