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What is DPI of Mouse | Know More...

what is dpi of mouse

What is DPI of Mouse?

DPI can be abbreviated as DOTS PER INCH. It is a scale used to measure the sensitivity of the mouse. In the layman language, the more the DPI of a mouse the better it will detect a small movement and respond accordingly.

The higher the DPI of a mouse the farther the cursor will move on the screen when you will move the mouse.

However, a higher DPI is not always better because no one will want the mouse cursor to fly all over the computer screen when you move the mouse a little bit.

Moreover, it has been found that high DPI can be of great help when it comes to playing certain games. For example, if you are playing a video game where you have to kill your enemy using snipper, then it that case zooming and precisely aiming at targets can be better using a high DPI mouse.

At the same time, if you are playing the game using high DPI mouse without zooming in, then it will not be a great choice as the mouse cursor will be too sensitive to play.

Here, I would like to make a point, that is, DPI is not the same as a typical mouse sensitivity setting.

DPI refers to a mouse hardware capabilities. On the other hand, sensitivity refers to the mouse software setting. For example, if you increase the sensitivity of a mouse with low DPI, then it will not be useful because the mouse cursor will simply fly over the screen and at the same time, the mouse will not be able to detect small movement due to low DPI.

The theory related to DPI says that if your mouse has a DPI of 1600, then a one-inch movement of the mouse will move the mouse cursor 1600 pixels.

However, if you are planning to buy a gaming mouse, then look for a mouse with a DPI of 4000 and more.

DPI can be increased or decreased using a button present on the mouse.

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How to find out mouse DPI?

There isn't an easy way to find out mouse DPI. You will have to trust the mouse manufacturer specification.

In general, the ordinary and cheap mouse has a DPI of 1600. On the other hand, the pro-gamer uses the mouse which has a DPI of 4000 and above.

Which mouse has the highest DPI?

razer mamba chroma wireless
Best Silent Gaming Mouse
The Razer Mamba Chroma is the world's most precise, 16000 DPI gaming mouse sensor.

There is no doubt that this gaming mouse will give you an upper edge over your competitor because of high precision and unsurpassable accuracy.

The mouse is capable of detecting a movement of 0.1 millimeters with great accuracy.

The Razer Mamba delivers a polling rate of 1000 Hz. As a result, you can enjoy peak performance at virtually zero latency.

The advanced chroma configurator helps you to individually customize the LEDs.

The adjustable click force technology helps you to tweak the right and left click as per your need.

How to set mouse DPI?

Unfortunately for the non-gaming mouse, you can't set the DPI. Don't get disheartened, we have an option for you that will be work the same way as does the DPI. Simply use windows mouse with an accelerated setting option.

When it comes to a gaming mouse, then most of these mice have a DPI setting. Some mice have fixed DPI setting(1200, 1600, 2000) and others, allow you to set a DPI in a given range (400-4000). You can find a button related to DPI on most of the high-end gaming mice. It gives you the feasibility to set the DPI according to your requirement and also, you can activate a specific DPI.

What is the USB polling rate?

Polling rate can be defined as the frequency at which the computer checks for the signal from the mouse.

Fortunately, many gaming mice have an option to set the polling rate, such as 500 Hz, meaning, 500 times per second.

In Microsoft Windows and Linux, the default polling rate is set to 125 Hz, that is, 125 times per second.

Does DPI matter in a gaming mouse?

best gaming mouse pad
Best Gaming Mouse Pad
The answer is DPI matters but not always. In case you are playing the game on a high-pixel-density screen, then you probably need a gaming mouse with a higher DPI.

I will suggest you, go for a higher DPI mouse when the density of your screen is above 300 pixels per inch.

An alternative to the high DPI gaming mouse is to use low DPI mouse with a huge mouse pad. These mouse pads can be similar to the keyboard in dimension. The gamer swings the whole arm to use the mouse with low DPI.

What DPI should I set my mouse too?

There is no hard and fast rule to set the DPI. The best way to set the DPI is to try different settings. 

You must be aware of the fact that different mouse has different DPI. I will suggest you, find a DPI setting that makes you feel comfortable.

Some additional factors like screen resolution, the operating system, motor skill can affect the DPI setting. 

Is DPI the same as PPI?

DPI stands for DOTS PER INCH whereas PPI stands for PIXELS PER INCH. Though both describe the resolution of an image still they aren't the same.

PPI tells you about the number of square pixels that shows in an inch of a digital screen. On the other hand, DPI refers to the number of physical dots of ink in a printed document.

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Wrapping Up: What is DPI of Mouse?

I hope the post on "what is DPI of mouse" would have given you a clear idea about the DOTS PER INCH. In this post, we have also taken some question related to DPI that our readers have asked us.

To conclude, It's not possible to say that a gamer needs a mouse with certain DPI. It totally depends on an individual, what kind of DPI setting is he comfortable with.

I will suggest you, try different setting until you find the one that makes you feel comfortable.

Tell us about your favorite DPI setting by commenting in the comment section.


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