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How Loud Should White Noise Be For Baby | [Explained]

white noise

How loud should white noise be for baby: For a newborn baby sleep is as important as drinking mother's milk. Sometimes, due to the external noise, a newborn baby faces disturbance in sleeping.

So, most of the parents use white noise to help the infant get a sound sleep. The white noise can be generated using a white noise machine or a white noise fan

However, as parents, you should keep in mind that the machine noise generator should be run under a certain limit, and also the machine should be shut down after the child sleep. A continuous exposure can do more harm than benefit. 

In this post, I would walk you through various aspects of white noise. In the end, I'll also try to answer the question, "How loud should white noise be for baby?"

What is a white noise machine?

A sound masking machine or a white noise machine is a device that was manufactured to produce white noise such as rains, winds, ocean waves etc.

A white noise machine neutralizes the unwanted noise. In the layman language, it works similar to the white light. Any sound wave between the frequency 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz will be neutralized by the white noise.

It helps you to concentrate on your work, get sound sleep etc by dampening the unwanted noise.

You may be astonished to know that some people use white noise machine in their bathroom to prevent the unwanted noise from coming out.

The device is mainly used to produce soothing, relaxing white noise.

How Loud Should White Noise Be For Baby?

Well, white noise is perfectly fine to get rid of the airborne noises. You can also use a white noise machine to get rid of unwanted traffic noise. However, in the case of infants and small children, you need to be very careful because white noise can do more harm than good if not used in the correct way.

If we talk about the ideal range of decibel, then it should be between 40-60 decibels. It's advisable to keep the decibels on the lower end. Remember, anything above 80 decibels is very injurious for the child's mental as well as physical health.

While playing the white noise machine, you need to keep few things in mind to prevent any damage.
  • Don't play the machine continuously for 8 hours. Once the baby is asleep, switch off the machine.
  • Keep the machine at a distance from the child's ear.
  • Try to put the machine at 50 decibels.
  • It's advisable to prevent the overuse and also use it with precaution.
You need to buy a machine which produces a good quality of white noise with multiple options. Also, look for the one which can easily adjust the number of decibels.

Do babies need white noise machine while sleeping?

Well, the straight forward answer is a BIG NO... 

There are many other things that you can do to help your baby get a sound sleep.

Some of the commonly used things for helping the baby to sleep are bathing with cold water, developing a sleeping routine, and adjusting the child's bedroom light.

However, using a white noise machine can definitely be of great help. You'll find your child sleeping faster and for a long time. I've found that my child has a deep sleep when I use a white noise machine in his room.

I'll not recommend you to use white noise machine in case your child is having an 8 hour of sleep. 

If your residential area is quiet and free from the sound pollution, then there isn't any point in using the white noise machine.

The Best White Noise Machine For Babies

I've tried quite a few white noise machine in the past, and trust me, most of them perform as per their claims. However, it will be unfair to say that all white noise machine available on the market are good. 

You'll find lots of white machines that are waste and buying them may lead to waste of time and money.

Personally, I recommend my client to go for Hatch Baby Rest Night Sound Machine. (Check the Reviews on Amazon)

As per my observation, this white noise machine is a great option for the babies. Since it can be controlled via APP so you have lots of flexibility in operating it.

Is White Noise Harmful To Babies?

White noise machine is good for babies until you're using it in the limit. Overusing it or exploiting it for your own sake can create loads and loads of problem. You need to be well aware of the fact that continuous exposure to white noise machine can hinder the growth of the child's brains.

I advise my clients to switch off the white noise machine after the child asleep.

When To Stop Using White Noise Machine For Baby?

There is no limit to using white noise machine for babies. It can be used for any age group without any hesitation. However, in some cases, it should be stopped. We'll discuss the Pros and Cons of using White Noise Machine.

Pros and Cons of White Noise for Babies

  • A white sound will help your baby to relax and sleep faster.
  • Playing white noise will neutralize the airborne noise in the house.
  • Some white noise machines come with sounds like heartbeats which can be very comforting to babies.
  • Some babies may find the white noise uncomfortable.
  • If the white noise machine isn't under the prescribed limit, it may lead to complication.
  • Continuous exposure to white noise for a long time may make your baby habituated towards white noise. As a result, the baby will find it difficult to sleep in absence of the white noise.
Wrapping UP

As compared to other noises, white noise is good for the parents as well as babies. It helps the babies in achieving sound sleep.

However, I'll recommend using a white noise machine in a prescribed limit. Failing to do so can lead to further complications.

Feel free to contact me for any doubt or query. 

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