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Best Bass Traps | An Unbiased Review

Best Bass Traps

Today I will start my post by sharing a secret with you. Before I came into the business of soundproofing, I have soundproof my apartment, car and other household objects. So, I gathered a lot of hands-on experience. You may not believe what I am going to say now but it's a fact.

When I was handling the query of my first client, I was literally confused to suggest him the products. That day I understood that consulting isn't an easy task and you need to be a subject matter expert in the field you want to excel.

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I am sure most of you are confused about the point I am trying to make. Let's make it simple and sweet. There are many options available in the market for a single problem and to select the one that is more efficient as compared to others is definitely not easy.
[Related] Do foam bass trap works? When it comes to reviewing a product, we try our best to use the product by ourselves or take a feedback from our clients about the product before writing about it.

Needless to say that we can use all the products that we are planning to review. For example, this post is about the "best bass traps" and I will be reviewing a couple of products. At the same time, it will be almost impossible to use all the bass traps before reviewing. So, we take the feedback from our clients.

A lot many of my clients are the musician and there need is definitely different from a person simply looking for calmness and fewer disturbances from outside sound.

First and foremost, I will throw some light on the expectation of the common person like you and me, when it comes to soundproofing or acoustic treatment.

To make things sweet and simple, I feel it's important to discuss some of the practical scenarios. Trust me, It will definitely give you some clue about real need vs your expectation.

Scenario 1: If you are staying near the airport, railway station, high traffic area, industrial area, then you need a good soundproofing system to block the external sound. In this case, I generally suggest my clients, soundproof the entire apartment. You need to completely block the external sound. I  hope you must be aware of the fact that exposure to loud noise on a regular basis can have a negative impact on your health. So, it is highly recommended to go for soundproofing.

Scenario 2: You are a musician and you are looking for an acoustic home studio. Here, it is very important to understand that the requirement of every musician is very unique, that is, the sound should be completely under the control.

Scenario 3: You are looking for some effective ways to handle the barking of dogs, washing machine sound, television noise etc.

There can be numerous scenario where we need sound pollution to be under control. The point that I am trying to make here is that you can't try the same solution for all your sound related problem.

Best Bass Traps 2019

Bass traps can be of two types, that is, resonant and porous. The bass traps are economical and can be placed on the floor or corner of the room and can also be mounted on the wall. 

Depending upon the dimension and tonal properties of the room, you can take a call on the number of the traps.

According to the First Law of Thermodynamics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it is constant. In the layman language, energy can be changed from one state to another, that is, energy can be changed from solid state to liquid or vice versa but the total amount of the energy available in the system remains constant. 

For example, when you take away heat from the water it gets converted into ice and vice versa. If you give more heat to the water, it gets evaporated. Though you can see the change in the physical state of water still the overall energy remains constant.
best bass traps

The same concept is applied when it comes to the acoustical treatment of the room, apartment etc.

Whenever you turn on the television, it acts as a source of the sound and fills the room with energy. The sound waves use air as a medium through which it reaches one's ear. At the same time, these waves get bounced back by any hard surface like walls that come into the way. When bounced back sound wave reaches one's ear, it gives a feeling of echo.

The bass trap prevents the sound waves from bouncing back. It degrades the speed of the sound waves and converts them into the heat. 

These bass traps work by providing resistance, generally in the form of the insulation material. It leads to a reduction in amplitude by bringing amplitudes down and valleys up. 

Best Bass Traps Review

1.Auralex Acoustics LENRD Acoustic Absorption Bass Traps

Auralex is a well-known brand in an acoustical domain. This product made to the list because of its price and amazing acoustic properties.

corner bass trapsLENRD stands for Low-End Node Reduction Device. Each LENRD is 12" x 12" x 24" and the effection absorption is down to 63 Hz with NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient). This product is uniquely designed to control the low-frequency response of your space. You can mount it horizontally on the wall. As per my past experience, I think this product is best for the corner mounting between walls and the ceilings. This Auralex product comes in a pack of four and is also available in three colors.

I have recommended this product to my clients who were looking for the solution related to low-frequencies.

It's important to understand that the low-frequencies are difficult to handle as compared to the mid and higher frequencies.

Let's dive a deep into the concept. Low frequencies sound waves travel at a faster velocity and as a result, the friction and insulation needed to convert the speed in heat are much more.

After all, if you are a musician and looking for a perfect acoustic solution, then definitely you should give this product a try.

After all, the main motive of every musician is to provide an excellent environment for recording.

                                                 >>Check Price on Amazon<<

2.Acoustic Foam XL Bass Trap Studio Soundproofing Corner Wall

This versatile acoustic foam bass trap is a good option if you are looking for a solution to reverb and other related unwanted sounds. You don't need to worry about the shape and size of your room. It fits rooms of all the dimensions.

best cheap bass trapsThis professionally designed bass trap primarily targets low and mid frequencies.

The best placement of these bass traps can be either next to the speakers or directly behind the microphone.

There is a common misconception that the bass traps are only for bass but it's not at all true.

These bass traps work great against a wide range of low to mid frequencies. You can almost negate the reverbs in the corner of your room with the help of this bass traps.

Mostly, ideal for small to medium size room.
                                                   >>Check Price on Amazon<<

3.ROOMSONIC Corner Bass Traps

best corner bass traps
These foam bass traps are perfect for video bloggers, home cinemas, living spaces, and podcasts.

The unique design helps to achieve a crystal clear sound by absorbing the lower and mid frequencies.

It's definitely a value for money product. It comes in a pack of four and it is possible that it may look squished when you will open the pack but relax, it will expand in no time.
                                                  >>Check Price on Amazon<<

4.Foamily 12 pack- Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges

bass traps amazonThe Foamily acoustic panel foam is a multi-purpose product. It can be used for noise reduction, acoustical treatment, sound dampening etc. The pack has 12 tiles and each tile is 1 inch thick and covers an area of 1 square foot. This acoustic panel performs better in small and mid-size rooms. If you are looking for a solution to reduce reverbs, flutter echoes, then you should definitely count on this product. Definitely, this product can enhance the look and feel of your room. I want to make it very clear that I don't recommend this product for low frequencies. It doesn't work at all.
                               >>Check Price on Amazon<<

5.Auralex Acoustics Studiofoam

auralex bass trapsAuralex Acoustic Studio Foam Wedgies are available in a pack of 4 and 24. Each panel is 2 inches thick.These panels are a perfect choice if your room is small and congested. The class B fire rating and noise reduction coefficient of 0.80 gives it an upper edge as compared to its competitor. Being smaller in size, these panels give a better option for placement and design. One thing I really don't like about this product is that it comes only in one color- Charcoal Grey.I recommend this product to my clients who are mostly looking for spot treating the listening environment.

They perform great when it comes to the spot treatment of sound studios, home listening rooms etc.

If you are looking for soundproofing your room, then this is NOT an option at all. They work ONLY against acoustic problems.

Though this panel is a bit costly as compared to its competitor still it's a great choice to look for.
                                                >>Check Price on Amazon<<

6.IZO All Supply Acoustic Foam Tiles

acoustic foam tilesThese acoustic foam tiles come in a pack of 6. Further, each tile can be divided into 2. Definitely, it adds color to your room as it comes in a single as well as dual color.It helps you to improve sound clarity inside the living hall, television room, study room. If you are tight on budget, then you can try it for the home studio as well.I never recommend this solution to my clients looking for a top end acoustical treatment.

The noise reduction coefficient for this foam tile is 0.40

You can give it a try if you are a gamer or you are planning to start a youtube channel.

If you are planning to go for an acoustic treatment, then you must check that the ceiling is parallel with the floor. These foam tiles are a great choice to make your ceiling parallel to the floor. It's very cost effective and so your budget will be under control.
                                               >>Check Price on Amazon<<

Before we move further, allow me to share the link of some of the handpicked articles.
The Pro Studio Acoustic Tile is a good option for a recording studio, home studio, and home theatre. The package installs acoustic foam, installation instructions, and datasheet.

best diy bass trapsThe noise reduction coefficient is 0.65 and best works against standing waves and echoes.It works well in a small and mid-sized room.Each tile is 2 inches thick and covers an area of 1 square foot.You can expect a fast installation since it doesn't come compressed.Again I am trying to explain that you should be aware of the fact that the soundproofing and acoustic treatment aren't the same and they serve different purposes.This is an economically and cost-effective product in the acoustic treatment domain.
                                                >>Check Price on Amazon<<

8. New Level Egg Crate Acoustic Panels

best bass traps from egg crate foamA pack comes with twelve tiles and each tile is 1.5 inches thick. It comes in 6 color variants, that is, four single color and two dual colors.

These egg crates are a great choice to fix low frequencies but at the same time, you can't expect a very high level of performance.

Definitely, this product is a balance between price and performance.

You can consider this product for spot treating sounds on the room walls. If you are tight on the budget, this foam can help you reduce waves, reverbs, and flutter echoes.
                                     >>Check Price on Amazon<<

Consider these features before buying bass traps

Soundproofing vs Acoustic Treatment: One of the important regions that you aren't satisfied with the performance of the acoustic products is that you have bought a wrong product. I have explained in detail the difference between the soundproofing and acoustic difference here. I will request you to have a look before coming to the decision.

The bass traps mentioned in this post will help you in acoustical treatment and NOT in soundproofing.

Definitely, evaluation of the soundproof products is very essential before clicking a buy button.

Sound: It is very important to evaluate the sound. If you are having trouble, you can hire a professional to do the needful for you. Once you have evaluated the sound, it will be easy for you to take the decision that whether you need only bass traps or panel also. 

Size & Shape of the Room: Depending on the size and shape of the room, you can decide on the number of bass traps and panels. 

At least you should place one bass traps in every corner of the room.

Price: If your expectation is under the limit, then definitely you can get a product of your choice. Most of the product that I have reviewed in this post are budget products.

I can assure you that it's possible to get a good product which doesn't cost you a fortune. Just you need to be clear about your requirement.

Best Bass Traps: Wrapping UP

I hope you would have got the bass trap of your choice in our list. We have included the products of different budgets and different qualities. Depending upon your budget and requirement, you can select the one that will suit you.

At the same time, it is advisable to get your room, office etc evaluated by the professionals.

I hope I have helped you in some way. In case you have found out some products that are not on the list, then please share your experience so that other readers can be benefited from your experience.

If you have any doubt, please ask in the comment section. I will try to best of my capabilities to help you.


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