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White Noise For Snoring | [Secrets Revealed]

white noise for snoring

White Noise for Snoring: Does it really work?

I thought you were sexy till I heard you snoring:) - Unknown

Do we snore when we are kids?

Anyways, once we get through the poverty and our body and mind is fully developed there is a little chance that we will get a very beautiful girlfriend, but a high chance that we will snore.

We love to see our body growing and becoming muscular but at the same time, sleeping on your back can get "tricky". 

Snoring is not always loud and unpleasant, sometimes it's so funny that it makes your night if not the day.

My love and hate relation with snoring is not a new thing. It has been with me since the time, I met my first girlfriend.

Trust me, I love the snoring of my kid, it brings a smile on my face.

If we talk about us or our parents, snoring can't be simply loud and unpleasant sound, it can also be a sign of some serious health issues.

how to stop snoring immediately

I love sleeping for extended hours and this helps me to prepare well for my professional as well as personal responsibilities.

Isn't it mindboggling that we spent one-third of our lives sleeping?

Of course, it is for a damn good reason.

Sleeping is a natural process to get rid of tears and bears on a daily basis and, it helps you to recover from stress, anxiety and so on.

A good night sleep works better than consuming vitamins or drinking gallons of tea.

If you are not getting a night of good sleep for a long time then, you should consult a psychiatrist.

There can be numerous reasons for not getting a good sleep such as a low-quality mattress, chronic stress or anxiety, light, and unwanted noise.

If you are the one who gets disturbed by little outside noise then, things are gonna be complex for you and, the things may become worst if your partner snores frequently. You may end up getting an insufficient amount of sleep and, you know the downside of it very well.

I have faced a similar situation with my wife, she used to snore a lot until I gifted her an anti snoring chin strap. This chin strap was under my budget and had really helped my wife.

I am not saying that this is only the solution, you may use a white noise machine or white noise fan. It totally depends on the criticality of the problem and also, finding the best solution.

My friends have seen great results with white noise fans and, it may help you as well.

Is snoring a health problem?

Let's, deep dive, into the concept to get a fair idea of snoring. The reason for snoring is considered to be the disrupted airflow from the nose and the throat.

Not only the muscles relax but, tissues also vibrate as the air goes in and out.

Snoring happens to lots many of us and at times, we don't even notice it. The REM phase to sleep cycle is the key to snoring.

In most of the cases, snoring is quite normal and there isn't anything to panic. However, I will suggest, getting your cholesterol level check and if possible get the whole body checkup done at least once a year.

For example, a sleeping problem like sleep apnea, a medical condition can manifest in snoring. It's not usual snoring and needs proper treatment but unknowingly, you will ignore it because to you it may sound just a "snoring".

white noise snoring

Potential Cause of Snoring

Snoring can be defined as the direct consequence of interrupted airflow into your throat or nose.

The common reasons are the narrowed sinuses from broken nose or allergies. An individual can suddenly start snoring because of a history of chronic allergy.

So, how can allergy or even flu make you snore?

I hope most of you would have definitely faced a situation like a cloggy nose or swollen tissues. Even a simple cold can close your nose and, force you to snore.

If you are becoming older and gaining weight then, it will be difficult for you to sleep on your back comfortably and as a result, you may start snoring. My best advice for you would be to try some cardio and weight loss complements.

For my wife, Dr. Tobias Colon was of great help. It helped her to lose a good amount of weight in just two weeks. 

Sometimes medication or even a glass of wine can lead to snoring because of a slight swelling that alcohol can cause to your body.

So, we have tried our best to highlight some of the reasons that can cause you to snore. You may find most of them harmless but some snoring may be the symptoms of health complication.

It's always advisable to have a thorough checkup on a regular interval to mitigate the health complications.

 White Noise for Snoring: How efficient it is?

The snoring in itself isn't the problem, rather the problem is its impact on the surrounding. A lot of people suffer from a narrow pathway and, it's perfectly fine.

Your partner or the family members have to pay the price for your snoring. A person who snores may end up having a good sleep but, the partner has to suffer and, if this happens on a regular basis then, the partner may have to face some serious health complications because of sleepless nights.

There is a high probability that the partner will get exposed to stress and anxiety.

So, what's the solution?

I generally suggest people not to get into snoring devices and pills until its really needed. A possible solution can be covering up the unwanted noise.

A human ear is capable of hearing the wavelength between 20 Hz and 20 kHz and if you combine all or most of these wavelengths then, you will get a noise called "white noise".

The term white noise is analogous to "white light" and when you combine the colors of all the wavelengths then, you will get the white light.

For example, we can perform a simple experiment to support our statement.

If you will pass white light from the prism then, it will get separated into different colors.

The reason why white noise is very effective in masking the noise of other frequencies in the presence of noise of all the frequencies in it.

I will suggest you trying a white noise fan if your partner snores on a regular basis or a dog barking in other room.

White noise machines are also very helpful in mitigating the unwanted noise from the household appliances.

But you shouldn't limit yourself to white noise fans, there are other methods also to trick your brain and unmask the unwanted noise you are hearing.

Treating White Noise Machine as your friend

After my wife started snoring on a regular basis, I started searching for a perfect solution to help me get my share of sleep. It may sound you easy but it wasn't. White noise fan was not the first thing that I purchased for the relief, in fact, there were a lot of things that tried and failed, if not fully then, definitely partially.

I shared my problem with my close friends and, fortunately, one of them suggested me to try the white noise fan. I bought a Lasko fan and still, it's delivering perfectly. According to my knowledge, Lasko is perhaps the white fan with most advanced features. It is user-friendly with almost, negligible maintenance cost.

It makes a very idiosyncratic kind of sound to help your brain get free from unwanted thoughts and surrounding noises. Slowly and gradually, your brain gets used to white noise and then, you start seeing good results.

For me, the best thing that Lasko did was helping me to focus on yoga and also, reading books. For the first few days, I wasn't feeling comfortable with the humming sound of Lasko fan but later on, things settled down pretty well.

Another important thing that most of the people don't talk about is the homogeneous background that it provides to you. So, it minimizes the impact of the sudden noise of high pitch. I can say it very well because my apartment is just behind the airport. 

As a result, you can enjoy a distraction-free sleep cycle. Next morning, you can feel the difference.

white noise for snoring

Apps for White Noise

What I am gonna talk now, you can consider it as a bonus tip. If you are looking for an instant solution from the white noise then, you can try a few apps available in the market which are good at producing non-repetitive noise and thus, can be of great help in reducing all sorts of unwanted sound.

Have you tried any similar app?

Let our readers know about it by sharing your feedback in the comment section.

A unique combination of an audio player and an equalizer enables you to customize the background sound for the optimum output.

These kinds of apps also have a unique alarm that starts playing initially softly and later, it becomes louder and louder, to give your day a perfect start.

The best part is the apps gives you an option of mixing the sound of your choice to set a perfect cozy ambiance at zero cost of getting disturbed.

Wrapping Up: White Noise for Snoring

Every individual is different and also, have a different requirement. 

You can't manufacture a single product that can suit the requirement of everyone.

When it comes to the white noise then, the best machine for you is the one that can help you to get perfect sleep.

If you are sharing a room with your partner then, both of you should come to a common conclusion else it may become a reason for conflict in the future.

What if your partner says "NO" for the white machine?

Well, we have a solution. You can try noise isolation headphones. Personally, I use SleepPhones and I don't wanna boast about it. You can check the review on the Amazon.

You can wear it like a ribbon and also, you can connect it to white noise machines. 

I preferred to buy a headphone rather than involving in a fight with my wife over snoring. Anyways, it was totally my call and your circumstances and decision may vary.

The best way to get rid of snoring is to put yourself on work. Do some exercise on the regular basis and shed your weight. I can assure you the intensity of snoring will definitely decrease within a couple of months.

If you have become the victim of snoring because of some allergy then, nothing to worry about.

If you want to know more about the snoring then, check my last article.


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