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Ultra Quiet Shop Vac | An Unbiased Review

ultra quiet shop vac

Best Ultra Quiet Shop Vac

Shop vacs are very powerful cleaning tools. It is a vacuum intended for heavy duties that normal vacuum cleaners cannot deal with. 

What is a shop vac?

A shop vac is a special kind of vacuum used to deal with the construction and woodworking. 

The normal vacuums aren't enough for the woodworking or the construction so, a shop vac with high-powered motor and suction unit is needed. 

The machine is capable of sucking up specks of dirt, debris, and chunks of materials from the construction as well as the woodworking sites.

It is an old proverb, "Necessity is the mother of the invention" and, same holds true with the shop vac.

I have personally used a shop vac so, I can assure you that it literally works wonder for cleaning dirty spaces.

Some of my close friends call shop vac as a "Bucket Vacuum", most probable reason may be the way it looks. 

Most of the shop vac looks like a bucket with a hose coming out of it. The hose is big and tough. 

The shop vac also has a canister for holding the debris.

They have wheels for easy navigation. 

In short, the shop vac isn't the vacuum you will see people using in their houses, it is made for bigger jobs.

What is a shop vac used for?

The shop vac is mostly used to clean bigger and dirtier places which has more than the regular dust to clean. As mentioned earlier, the shop vac is the first choice for the construction and woodworking sites.

By cleaning the woodworking and construction sites, I mean the shop vac is capable enough to suck up nails, screws, smaller metal pieces, sawdust, chunks of wood, and other smaller objects that need to be cleaned from these sites.

The high-end ultra quiet shop vac is capable of sucking up water and other wet messes.

Construction sites can get pretty wet sometimes and, having a water-capable shop vac can be a good strategy.

The high-end shop vacs are highly versatile and, they are also known as a wet/dry shop vac.

How do they differ from normal household vacuums?

A normal household vacuum is meant for sucking dust, dirt, and small particles. By no means, it can be used to suck the wet messes and other heavy objects such as screws, nails etc.

When it comes to heavy-duty of sucking larger debris etc, you don't have a better option than using a quiet shop vac.

Sucking wood chunks, screws, nails etc is way too big for a normal vacuum to handle.

If we talk in terms of shape, size, and weight, then on all three parameters the shop vac literally dominates.

If you would have ever seen or used shop vacs then, you would be knowing that they have bigger and tougher hoses to handle big, chunky, and sharp pieces of debris.

They are much bulkier as compares to the home vacuum cleaners and, of course, it is because of their intended use.

We can easily predict that the shop vac must be having a more powerful motor than home vacuums to suck construction debris.

In the normal vacuum cleaner, we simply remove the bag or the filter compartments to get rid of the sucked dirt, but the same doesn't hold true in the case of the shop vac. They need to be lifted up and flipped around in order to empty them of sucked debris.

The vacuum cleaner that we use at our home has an air filter to improve the indoor air quality by preventing the small particles to re-enter the air.

On the other hand, the shop vac is mostly used for the outdoor purposes so, they don't have an air filter attached to it.

Last but not least, shop vac doesn't come with any kind of carpet and drape cleaning accessories whereas the home vacuum cleaner comes with these accessories.

We have tried our best to through some light on the major differences between the shop vac and vacuum cleaner.

A lot of my clients have asked these two questions and, before moving to the product guide and reviews section, allow me to answer these questions.

Should I have a shop vac in my home?

My answer is a BIG NO...

There isn't any need to have a shop vac for the home. As discussed earlier, it is meant for a different purpose and if you are using it for the home alone, the purpose of shop vac is NOT served at all. The motors are big and you may end up paying unnecessary electric bills.

At the same time, it doesn't come with an air filter so, using it for home cleaning purpose may enhance the presence of small dirt particles in the indoor ambiance.

You may need professional help to operate it because of its shape and size.

Can you vacuum up water with a shop vac?

Well, the obvious answer is it depends. Yup, you heard it right.

The high-end shop vac has the capability to suck the liquid debris including water, but all the shop vac doesn't come with this feature.

You can check the product features and specifications section to get confirmed about it.

Moving further, I am going to discuss top 5 ultra quiet shop vac. All the product that I am gonna review are either tested by our team or we have received good feedback about these products from our clients.

If any of these products interest you, then you can click the image and, buy it from the Amazon.

By the way, I am a soundproof consultant and, I have been into this business for over a decade now. 

Without wasting any time, let's get back to the top 5, ultra quiet shop vac.
TOP 5 ultra quiet shop vac

Ultra Quiet Shop Vac Reviews

The USP of this quiet shop vac is the dual flex hose that is 7-foot long and, it is easily transportable from place to another.

Since this shop vac is mostly used for the outdoor purposes, so the company provides you 20-foot power cord and, this length of cord is more than enough to cover all the areas.
This shop vac comes with 5 cleaning attachments and, therefore you can expect multiple roles from it.

Depending upon your requirement, you can select the attachment.

The thing that really grabs my eyeballs is the ability of the Craftsman 9-17761 to clean the fluid as well. 

I will suggest this shop vac to the people who are looking for a great fit for the construction site.

This 16 gallons wet and dry vac offers 6 HP suction.

If you are an owner of a messy workplace, then definitely you will love the inbuilt high-speed exhaust port that allows you to use this shop vac as a blower also.

I have seen loads and loads of people criticizing the bulkiness and weight of the shop vac and, trust me, a few of my clients even accepted that they aren't comfortable of using a shop vac. In fact, they were looking for a lightweight portable device similar to a home vacuum cleaner.

So, if you are also one among those who are in search of a lightweight shop vac, then I will suggest you should try this shop vac.

This lightweight shop vac has wheels attached to it that help in the easy movement of the Craftsman 9-17761.

As compared to many of its competitors, the Craftsman 9-17761 is silent and so, you don't have to worry about the decibels.

The brand is confident about this product and, also provides a 1-year warranty.

Before writing the ultra quiet shop vac product reviews, my team has also gonna through the users' reviews on various e-commerce websites and, you know what?

The reviews are excellent. As per the users' review, this shop vac has excellent suction. 

Wait, we have some good news for you.

Well, it also rolls well and the operation is almost noiseless.

shop vac amazonFortunately, the users' review confirms that it is suitable for home as well as the office.

If my readers are also planning to buy one for them, then please let us know your experience with this product.

You can easily empty this shop vac and, there is no problem with the attachment fitment.

It looks simple and, is solidly built.

2. Shop-vac 5989300 Stainless Steel Vacuum

The Shop-vac 5989300 stainless steel vacuum is a budget-friendly quiet shop vac but, it doesn't mean that the company has compromised on the features. It has everything needed to clean an average outdoor area such as woodworking space or the construction site.

ultra quiet shop vac 2019
Ultra Quiet Shop Vac
Well, the capacity of the stainless steel tank is 5-gallon and, it has a 4.5 peak horsepower motor.

It is maneuverable because of the full circumference dolly.

Most of the shop vacs aren't very portable, but the top and side carry handles makes Shop-vac 5989300 highly portable.

The accessories that come with the Shop-vac 5989300 enhance its versatility.

A 7-foot hose, crevice tool, 3 extension wands, floor nozzle, foam sleeve, and filter bag makes this quiet shop-vac a superlative product.

I can go on records and say that this is a perfect solution for your home as well as the workshop.

It comes with a variety of filters, adapters, accessories and, all this makes it a perfect choice for home cleaning. 

The performance of this machine is awesome and, it encourages word of mouth branding.

I have seen lots of people using it for cleaning the car, simply because of its performance.

This shop-vac doesn't tip over but, comes with a full circumference dolly.

If you are confused about where to keep this shop-vac, then stop worrying, the onboard tools storage gives you the feasibility to keep it where you want to keep.

To prevent any ambiguous situation, the lid and tank are held together.

Till now, I have ONLY expressed my view of this product.

Let's listen what the users' say about it.

Remember, the suction power is the backbone of any shop vac. The users' are very positive about the suction power of this ultra quiet shop vac and, as per their comments, the suction easily tracks all the dirt, leaves, woodworking residuals, Jobsite liquid messy and many more...
shop vac amazon
The long cord extension gives you the feasibility to cover the entire Jobsite or a major portion of it at one go.
Are you worried to use it because of the pets?

Well, you can try the blower option and, it is silent enough to NOT disturb the dog.

3. Vacmaster VQ607SFD Stainless Steel Vacuum

If you adore beauty, then Vacmaster should be on your priority list.

I really appreciate the design, look, and feel of the Vacmaster VQ607SFD Stainless Steel Vacuum.
You can easily clean a large area very fast with the help of 7-foot long hose and, 12-foot long cord.

It's really easy to operate because of 2 extension bands and, multi-surface floor nozzles.

According to me, the onboard accessory storage of Vacmaster is the USP. It comes with a rear base that helps you to keep everything in one place.

Another thing that may grab your eyeballs is the dust sealed switch and the balanced top handle. They help you to perform the complex task in an easier way.

I bought one for my Jobsite and, the weather resistance design helped me to use it under any weather condition. 

You can even use it in the rainy season with bothering about the tear and wear.

It is highly capable of cleaning huge messes.

If you have bought one for the Jobsite, woodworking or construction site, then you can use it for house cleaning also. Trust me, it's a great option for house cleaning. I have personally used it for carpets and the bare floors.

If needed, you can convert it to blower as well. If we talk about the filter, then it has one of the best filter available in the market, i,e, HEPA filter that meets the EPA standards.

The remote control is provided to operate it from distant.

I hope most of my readers are also interested in customer reviews and the way they responded.

shop vac amazonWell, it got a mindboggling review and, the users' are really satisfied with its sucking power and, the way it cleans bolts, washers, screws, woodworking residuals and many more...

Most of the reviews appreciate the quietness and the power packed performance.

In case, you have any query related to this product, feel free to ask the question in the comment section and, I will try to reply to the best of my capabilities.

4. Makita VC4710 Wet/Dry Vacuum

The Makita VC4710 is really power packed quiet shop vac. It has a powerful 12 AMP motor and also, generates a suction power of 135 CFM.

The motor chamber is made of sound absorbing materials and therefore, you can expect fairly quiet operation.

top 5 ultra quiet shop vac review
Ultra Quiet Shop Vac
Well, to add facts to support my statement, it operates at just 59 decibels and, trust me, it's amazing.

Like other shop vacs that we have reviewed till now, this machine is lightweight and portable.

You will love the inbuilt automatic filter and, it really takes care of the dust particles in the air.

For long life of the filter, the manufacturer has timed the blow-back feature on the preset intervals.

The mechanism used in Makita VC4710 is highly advanced. To keep suction uninterrupted, the rocker valve of the vacuum isolates the reverse air flow via each filter.

Wait, we aren't finished, yet. An onboard tool activated outlet performs the start and stops operation for the vacuum.

You will really love the user-friendly nature of this shop vac. It very easy to use the desired dust extraction attachment and also, determining the application.

shop vac amazonIt is more balanced as compared to its counterparts. It uses the concept of physics to gain stability. The center of gravity is lowered to minimize the case of toppling.

In order to do so, the rear wheels are wide-set and, the front wheels are enlarged steel caster.

The customers' reviews are mindboggling and, this product is highly appreciated because of its design, amazing features, and most importantly, affordable price.

5. Ryobi Ultra Quiet Shop Vac

The Ryobi Ultra Quiet Shop Vac can be well known for the cordless experience. You can move the machine in the workshop, construction sites or woodworking place without any worry or hassle. You can experience complete hassle-free movement.
cheapest ultra quiet shop vac
Ultra Quiet Shop Vac

The multi-size no tip wheel design and, powerful 80 CFM is the USP of this quiet shop vac.

The 360-degree mobility helps the vacuum to stay balanced. The accessory storage is huge and, you can keep all the necessary tools and other accessories conveniently in the storage.

It helps you to ease out of the tension of carrying the crevice tools, extension wands, and floor nozzle with you.

In case, you aren't using the hose, then you can keep it in the hose dock.

The multiple carrying handles are of great help. It allows you for easy carrying and the removing top using which you can empty dust and, other debris.

It is very user-friendly and, anyone can operate it with minimal guidance. You can clean a decent workshop in a couple of minutes.

This helps you to clean even the challenging space with ease and, the best part is that it completely mess free.
shop vac amazon
Well, the ultra-quiet shop vac review may not be complete if we don't talk about the customers' opinion and reviews.

According to customer reviews, the product is ideal for the small to medium jobs and, the rollover feature is highly appreciated.

Moreover, it's a value for money shop vac and, of course, the silent features are as per the expectation.

Ultra Quiet Shop Vac: Buying Guides

ultra quiet shop vac buying guide


When it comes to buying an ultra quiet shop vac for the outdoor activities such as Jobsite, construction sites, workshops, woodworking and so on..., you need to give top priority to the power.

For reference, the best shop vac motors are rated 6.5 Peak Horsepower. Just for your information, the power of a motor is measured on a PHP scale. 

The other important aspect is the Air Power Rating(AP). It gives you a fair idea about the efficiency of a shop vac to pick up heavy objects.

If you are planning to buy shop vac for a woodworking workshop or construction site, the AP will be an essential reference scale. 

If the shop vac has a good AP, then it simply means that the machine will easily bots, screws, woodworking garbage etc.

If you want to pick the liquid messy, then it is very important for you to check the suction pressure of the machine.

The higher the suction pressure the better will be the picking capability of the machine.

Remember, to check the seal of the shop vac.


Don't ignore the hose while buying the shop vac. Your shop vac may not perform to the full potential if the hose quality isn't up to the mark.

Neither the thicker ones nor the thinner once are considered good hose. Trade between the extreme points can be a great hose.

Anyways, you can replace the hose anytime.

Shop-Vac Cords:

I will suggest that you should opt for a longer shop-vac cord. It is equally important to check for the quality of the cords.

If you have already bought a shop vac with a small cord, then you can use an extension cord for free movement of the shop vac.

Tank Capacity:

Again, its a very important parameter and, it should be discussed thoroughly before buying a shop vac.

There isn't a landmark or a threshold for the tank capacity. Depending upon your requirement, you can opt for the tank.

For a small or mid-size workshop, you can opt for a shop vac with small tank capacity. Another benefit of a small tank is that you can easily use it to clean your car.

But, a shop vac with a small tank capacity will NOT be an ideal pick for the construction sites or a substantial woodworking space.

So, the final call is yours and, you should be very careful in deciding on the capacity of the tank.


Look for a shop vac that has a standard filter. There are many high-end vacuums that have two filters as well.

I will recommend you the one that has cartridge style.

If you want a shop vac that can clean the liquid messy, then look for a foam filter. 

You can also pick extra filters if needed.


The longer the warranty the lesser is the risk. It's good to have 2 years of warranty.

A good warranty period gives you an extra edge. If the product gets damaged, then it can be replaced at minimal or NO cost.


If I travel down the memory lane, I could recall that my first shop vac wasn't equipped with the blowers feature.

Nowadays, shop vac has a blower function. It plays a crucial role when are planning to clean the portion of the Jobsite or room that is really difficult to reach.

Quiet Shop Vac Decibels:

There are many shop vacs that are quite noisy. If you are looking for an ultra quiet shop vac, then look for the options that have the least decibels.

I will recommend you to buy a shop vac with decibels below 75. 

As a substitute, you can also try silent vacuum cleaners.

Before we conclude, allow me to share some mindboggling product review post.

Ultra Quiet Shop Vac: Wrapping Up

Well, I will recommend Shop-vac 5989300 Stainless Steel Vacuum wholeheartedly. They are really good at cleaning away the messes that you would have never dreamt of getting cleaned.

I was really impressed with the silent features that it possesses. This shop vac comes with some superlative features that make it suitable for both home and Jobsite.

The heavy-duty cleaning capability mix with the versatile accessories makes it a great choice. You can treat it as a one-stop solution for all your modern cleaning requirements.

The great users' reviews and the superlative product quality makes it my favorite.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let us know about your favorite ultra quiet shop vac. 


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