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Effects Of White Noise On The Brain | [Secrets Revealed]

effects of white noise on the brain

Positive and Negative Effects of White Noise on the Brain

White noise fans and white noise machines are frequently used in houses and offices to mitigate the effect of unwanted noises. By doing so, the employees can improve their productivity and also, get a night of better sleep at home.

In case you are hearing the "White Noise" for the first time then, I will suggest you, read our previous article on this topic.

We as a human being are among the most complicated creature on this planet. Let me put a question in front of you, how many of you know about yourself very well. 

If you will ask the same question to me, trust me, my answer will surprise you.

I don't know even 30 percent about myself. 

Our body is controlled by the instruction given by our brain and I can say that our brain is a combination of confused as well as complex data.

When it comes to the effects of white noise on the brain then, you can't say the one shoe will fit all the feet. Definitely, the effects will vary from person to person as everyone is different.

There are loads and loads of parameters involved in the way an individual response to the white noise. For example, something as simple as whether an individual enjoys the parties and social events or not can have a major impact on the way he will respond to the white noise.

Some of the factors I would like to highlight that needs to be considered on a priority basis:
  • The application of the white noise
  • Age
  • Sensitivity of hearing
Another important thing I would like to highlight is your expectation with the white noise. It should be realistic. For example, if you expect that the white sound will help you to get a better sleep then, it's possible but at the same time, if your expectation is a complete pin of silence then, I will say that can be achieved to some extent with the help of soundproofing.

So, again soundproofing is completely a different domain, allow me to share the link of the mindboggling product review post. 
A research was conducted on the school children to know the effect of the background white noise on memory performance.

The research was conducted on 51 secondary students under two conditions.

Condition 1: In the high noise condition, the verb-noun sentences where presented in the presence of white noise of 78dB.

Condition 2: In the low noise condition, the sentence were presented in the absence of white noise.

The outcomes were relative as well as astonishing. The performance of the inattentive students improved in the condition 1 but unfortunately, the performance of the attentive students degraded and as a result, it was concluded that the background white noise eliminated episodic memory difference between the attentive and unattentive school children.

Recent research suggests that using white noise for sleeping or mitigating unwanted noise in the office cubicle can be dangerous and can also cause long-term health implications. Moving further, the research paper says that the exposure to random and unstructured sound that make up white noise can alter the brain's neural connections. 

If you aren't aware of the functioning of the brain's neural connections then, allow me to throw some light on its functionality. The brain's neural connection helps you to perceive sound and its alteration can lead to high risk of conditions such as tinnitus and even dementia.

Tinnitus, a medical condition in which the patients are plagued by noises of ringing or buzzing.

Unfortunately, around 10 percent of the American have experienced an episode of tinnitus in the past year.

On the other hand, few researchers have a different view on the relationship between white noise and tinnitus. According to a researcher, Mouna Attarha, there are pieces of evidence that the brain rewires in a negative manner when it is fed random information, such as white noise.

White noise is a sound that is a mix of all the frequencies that a human ear can hear.

Since it is considered to drown other sounds so, it is recommended as an effective way to manage tinnitus when played at low to moderate decibels. At the same time, lack of structure in the white sound can even worsen the tinnitus symptoms.

Some researchers claim that regular exposure to white noise can even accelerate the aging of the brain.

Unfortunately, the researchers don't have a common view when it comes to the relation between white noise and tinnitus.

Finally, it's your call.

If you are using white noise fan or machine for your kids then, they may be at potential risk of developing brain-related problems.
  • Spatial problems
  • Linguistic problems
  • Delayed mental growth
Anyways, it may happen to you as well and needless to say, if the white noise can impact the infants and kids in a negative way then, same can be considered true for the adults.

Here, I want to highlight a fact that the introverts are more vulnerable to white noise as compared to the extroverts, largely due to being less immune to this kind of specific noise.

However, the infants are more vulnerable to the white noise as compared to anyone else because the brain of the infant is in the developing stage and there is a high probability that continuous exposure to white noise may lead to the alteration in the infant's brain neural connection.

You may find white noise ideal for soothing the infants and letting them sleep but unfortunately, it's not entirely true and you should also look into the other side of it.

The loudness, repetitive, and senseless properties of white noise can slow down or even halt the development of the babies brain.

In the layman language, the white noise prevents the brain to prepare itself against any complex situation and as a result, the growth is retarded.

Some of the significant notable symptoms are the inability of an infant to see or hear the surroundings.

If the infants are exposed to the white noise for a long duration then, they couldn't develop the capabilities to process what's going on around them and are often frightened by the chaotic environments.

The problem can aggravate when these infants are sent to the pre-school. There is a high probability that the language skill of the infant can suffer.

All said and done, white noise isn't inherently bad. If used for a limited duration and cautiously then, you can definitely reap benefit out of it.
  • Creativity
  • Focus
  • Socializing 
By cutting of the unwanted noise, white noise can help you to focus on your job. For example, using a white noise machine in your cubicle can drastically improve your performance.

It stimulates your brain to focus.

Unlike music, white noise isn't pleasurable and it is meant to get your work done.

The creativity is increased to a large extent because the white noise drastically negates the disturbances and thus, helps the thought process to flow freely in your brain.

I hope you will agree with the statement that being able to focus on one thing and think about it from multiple angles is the soul of creativity.

You can use the white noise machine for improving your focus and concentrate on one problem at a time. As a result, you may come up with a better solution.

Most of you will be aware of the fact that introverts fear crowd and for the same reason, they aren't comfortable in parties or a social gathering.

The white noise can help them to ease out in the party noise.

So, depending upon the way you are gonna use the white noise machine can only decide whether it will be helpful for you or a complete disaster.

Wrapping Up: Effect of White Noise on the Brain

Before I planned to write about this sensitive topic, I have spent a good amount of time researching online as well as talking to some well-known psychiatrist in my country.

Trust me, different people have different views. I couldn't get enough information to write a conclusive article.

I would rather say that our research institution should come forward and take the initiative of doing more experiments, surveys and what all needed to come to a conclusion.

Right now, if I say the effects are good or bad then, it will be an injustice to my readers.

However, every human being is different and I am suggesting you do try the white machine once and see how it's working for you. At the same time, it's important for you to remain wary of all the potential dangers.


  1. In my view the white noise is less damaging to health and stressful than an old man coughing his lungs out day and night below me!


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