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Can Egg Cartons Soundproof a Room? | Unwrap

can egg cartons soundproof a room

Can egg cartons soundproof a room effectively?

Well, the obvious answer is a BIG NO...

Egg cartons shouldn't be even considered an option for soundproofing a room. Though the egg cartons are very cost-effective still we can't recommend it for the soundproofing room or walls. At max, you can expect egg cartons to catch and convert 5% of the total noise. So, egg cartons ALONE aren't the solutions.

However, using it along with four to five layers of flattened cardboard boxes will work well.

Stapling an egg carton around the wall may change the reflection from the wall at different frequencies, but won't do much to change the way sound enters or exits the room.

In the layman terms, the egg cartons don't absorb sound at all. The best it can do is to reflect the sound a bit different as compared to a flat surface.

"Egg cartons can soundproof a room" is a myth, but still people are testing it, maybe because a very negligible cost is involved in it.

In this article, we will discuss the know-how of the egg cartons, and we will also throw some light on some of the cost-effective alternatives to the egg cartons that really does the soundproofing effectively.

egg cartons for soundproofing

Is soundproofing a room with egg cartons a myth?

Working as a soundproofing consultant over a decade now, a very common question that I have to answer is, " Can't I use egg cartons for soundproofing?".

For me, it sounds very natural that people who are interested in soundproofing their home will have such a query. But, the downside is that a lot of people are misguided. 

Well, today we will decode the mystery surrounding the egg cartons. Henceforth, whenever people will search on the internet, they will get the correct information in form of my post.

Remember, a partial knowledge about any topic is more dangerous than knowing nothing about it.

You can use egg cartons for reducing the echoes. But, again I never recommend my clients to do so. If you are OK with hanging egg cartons on the walls of your room, even though you can minimize the echo by simply arranging the furniture, then I don't have any problem.

Even though you have covered all the walls in your room or apartment with the egg cartons, I will suggest you shouldn't have high expectation in terms of minimizing the echoes, reverbs or vibrations.

Thinking of sound dampening the external sounds using egg cartons is DEFINITELY a bad idea and wastage of time and money.

While helping my team with the soundproofing projects, I figure out a very common problem in every project, and it was sound dampening the lower frequencies sound. Even the best of soundproofing materials find it difficult to negate the unwanted low-frequency noise.

Needless to say, egg cartons aren't made to sound dampen the low-frequency.

I will only recommend you to use egg cartons if you are tight on the budget, and your sole motive is to reduce the echo.

But, does it mean EGG CARTONS are useless?


Egg cartons are of great importance if you use it in a tactical manner. Using egg cartons as a supplementary material along with acoustical panels, soundproof curtains, soundproof blankets, bass traps, weatherstrips etc can literally improve the performance.

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You can also use the egg cartons simultaneously with some cheap soundproofing materials to decrease the overall noise.

Sometimes, you literally need these egg cartons. Allow me to explain it with an example.

Suppose you are using some soundproofing materials that are good at sound blocking but aren't as good at echo insulator, then you can couple the soundproofing materials with the egg carton for the best result.

What are the cheap alternatives to the egg carton for soundproofing a room?

1. Soundproof Curtains: These are perhaps the best way to soundproof a window in a cost-effective way. The soundproof curtains are made of sound absorbing materials that act as a good sound insulator to the noises entering or exiting the room.

Best soundproof curtains
Best Soundproof Curtains
There are a variety of options available when it comes to soundproof curtains. However, most of the curtains aren't up to the claim made by the manufacturers.

So, to make things easy for you, I have written a detailed article on soundproof curtains which also includes the buying guide.

It is advisable to buy soundproof curtains which have built-in grommets. They may cost you a few more bucks, but it's worth spending. They are easy to install.

Some of the things that you must consider why planning to buy a soundproof curtain that really works for you are thickness, curtain material, grommets, length, breadth etc. I have mentioned this in detail in my buying guide.

Buying an elegant soundproof curtain will also add to your home decor.

I personally prefer the soundproof curtains by NICETOWN, they are not only cost-effective but also matches my expectation.

2. Soundproof Blankets: Another great option is to use soundproof blankets aka "moving blankets". They are good at blocking noise from entering the room and vice-versa.

Best Soundproof Blankets
Best Soundproof Blankets
These moving curtains are heavy and, can also be used for preventing the furniture and other household appliances from damage while shifting your home, and thus called as moving blankets.

You will need a handful of friends to help you hang these blankets on the windows and doors. Remember, to check whether the curtain rods are capable of bearing the blankets weight or not. In the latter case, you can change the rod for the good.

If your home is near an airport or railway station, then using these blankets alone will NOT serve the purpose. 

You will have to wash these moving blankets on a regular basis as they get dirty easily. 

You can also consider the moving blankets as a feasible option when it comes to soundproofing a door.

If you think that these blankets reflect the unwanted noise, then let me tell you that it doesn't work that way. It is good at absorbing the noise because of the fabrics, thickness, and multi-layers.

They come in multi-color, shape, and size, so you don't have to worry about the design and elegance, it will do its job perfectly.

So, what are you waiting for?

The moving blankets by Audimute are a great alternative too. They possess an effective sound absorbing mechanism with an NRC rating of 0.85. It also includes installation hardware.

3. Weatherstrip Tapes: Let me tell you, weatherstrip is one of the interesting soundproofing material I have come across in my career as a soundproofing consultant. I literally love this material because of its multi-functionality and cost-effectiveness.

Especially, I can't imagine soundproofing a door without the help of this tool. It makes thing quite easy, and when it comes to sealing the space between the floor and the bottom of the door, it's a rockstar. I haven't found a better option than weatherstrip tapes.

By sealing the space between the door and the floor, you not only block the passage to the sound but also prevent insects to enter your room.

I also use it to prevent thermal leaking. By using the weather strip, I have found a few degree difference, isn't it astonishing?

Since I have used it to soundproof my front door, so it has also prevented the rainwater from entering my apartment.

So, what more can I expect from this weatherstrip tape which doesn't even cost me $10?

It is one of the cheapest soundproofing materials that can give you the desired result.

4. Anti-Vibration Pads: You will find a lot of similarities between the anti-vibration pads and the acoustical panels. The reason being the same materials used in their manufacturing. I was astonished to compare their thickness, it was almost the same.

But, if the one is the clone of other, then what is the need of manufacturing two different materials to serve the same purpose? A good question, isn't it?

best anti-vibration pads
Best Anti-Vibration Pads
Well, they have one major difference. As the name suggests, the anti-vibration pads are made for preventing the anti-vibration while this isn't the case for acoustic panels.

You can find wrinkles on both sides of the pad, positioned at "right angle". They have the capabilities to prevent both the outgoing and incoming noise.

I mostly recommend the anti-vibration pads to my clients who want to either stop the low-frequency noise from entering the apartment or vice-versa.

So, once you will place it on the wall, all the low-frequency noise will literally disappear.

It will take care of all the bass coming out of the drumset room or music room.

It is very important to mention that the low-frequencies are the toughest to dampen.

Next time, when your neighbor complains of bass coming out of your house, simply try the anti-vibration pads.

5. Holes and Outlets: Let me share with you the incident that taught me the hard way. In fact, I was on the verge of returning the total advance that I took from the client until I found the reason for the failure of the soundproofing.

If I can recall correctly, it was my third project, and the client was looking for a high-end soundproofing solution. Trust me, we don't get this kind of client every day who is ready to spend a hefty amount for a superlative soundproofing solution.

We used the best soundproofing materials along with all our knowledge and experience, but we couldn't match his expectation.

Can you guess the reason?

I hope you would have definitely guessed because you got the HINT (caption).

Yes, there were loads and loads of very minute holes present in the doors and windows which weren't visible with the naked eye. If today I get that kind of project, it's really easy for me to do a postmortem of the problem. But, during those days, I had just started as a soundproof consultant.

It's very important to search for the smallest of the holes because in most of the cases they are the main culprits.

If you want my recommendation, then it can be nothing else but Green Glue. They are the best for this purpose. It is a permanent solution to these small holes. It will completely seal the holes and, it is NOT even needed to cross-check for the next few years.

On the downside, the Green Glue is extremely sticky and may hurt the top layer of your finger skin, if you don't handle it with care.

6. White Noise Machine: All the solutions that we have discussed till now are sort of permanent solutions, and most importantly, it will take time for these solutions to show their effectiveness.

However, a lot of clients want an instant solution. They are ready to pay a good amount but can't wait for a permanent solution.

As a soundproof consultant, it's my responsibility to solve the problem, no matter how big or small it is.

I tried a few methods and soundproofing materials, but none of them gave me a satisfactory result until I landed on a white noise machine. Trust me, it's the best instant soundproofing solution.

I have personally tried a lot of white noise machines as well as white noise fans. Most of them are budget-friendly and serves the purpose of noise cancellation.

best white noise machine
white noise machine
They produce the noise of a set of frequencies that your brain has learned to ignore. These devices exploit the concept of subconscious level.

Personally, I have experimented using egg cartons with white noise fan and, the result was mind-boggling.

If you also have any plan for an innovative experiment in the field of soundproofing. Comment below the final outcome of the experiment.

White noise machines are sleep aggregators and, also a machine that helps you to focus on your work. Slowly and gradually, our brain learns to ignore this kind of noise, and thus you can run it in the background to dampen unwanted noise of any amplitude.

What is the similarity between the Acoustical Panels and Egg Cartons when it comes to the soundproofing?

I have seen a lot of people getting confused between acoustic panels and egg cartons. The mere similarity between these two is ONLY the way they look.

Check out this acoustic panel, and then tell me whether it looks similar to the egg crate or NOT.

Needless to say, the similar surface position is a good reason- it prevents an echo.

Furthermore, acoustic panels are specifically made to dampen the unwanted noise.

Unlike, egg cartons, they are made of soundproofing materials.

The acoustical panels are NOT only great at sound dampening, but also at minimizing the echoes.

For a layman person, the look-alike structure may be the reason(myth) that people think egg cartons are good at sound dampening.

Bonus Tip: You can use egg crates in between your wall construction and fill your walls rather than living it hollow. By doing so, you can help the walls to perform better against the noise.

I have personally tried this innovative method and found the outcome satisfactorily.

Can Egg Cartons Soundproof a Room: Wrapping UP

I hope we are able to clear your doubt related to egg cartons. The doubt mainly arises due to the look-alike nature of egg cartons and acoustic panels.

You can use egg cartons against echoes or you can use it along with other soundproofing materials for better results.

Using it alone for the soundproofing purpose can only lead to wastage of time and money.

So, be careful, also educate others about the difference between acoustical panels and egg cartons.

Last but not least, share with us, what you think about," Can egg cartons soundproof a room?".


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