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How to Prevent Sound from Entering a Room? | [12 Unique Tips]

prevent sound entering room

Unique Ways to Prevent Sound from Entering a Room

In this article, we'll discuss some of the unique and cost-effective ways that you can use to prevent noise from entering a room.

Whether you're staying near a railway platform or an airport, the methods discussed in this post will definitely help you to get rid of the unwanted noise.

Let's face it, unwanted noise acts as a catalyst in spoiling the ambiance. Unfortunately, noise has long term impact on one's physical as well as mental health.

To negate the negative impact of noise, you need to block it from entering your room. However, it's not the complete solution. You'll also have to prevent the airborne noise from creating problems such as echoes, reverbs, and vibrations.

So, without any further ado, let's discuss the methods one by one.

1. Identify the Source of the Noise

I prefer quality over quantity, and because of this reason, I always prefer to find the source of noise first that is creating the maximum trouble.

Are you confused?

Let's decode it. For example, you're staying near an airport so the major source of noise that is creating a problem is the airplane noise.

By identifying the source of noise, you can take action fast and accordingly.

2. Identify Where the Noise is Coming from

It is equally important to know the loopholes in the room. By loopholes, I mean the spaces that are allowing the noise to enter the room. Rather than concentrating on the entire room, you can focus on these places to get optimum results.
Whether the main source of noise is traffic or loud neighbors, it is highly advisable to investigate that one area which is responsible for maximum damage.

3. Give Priority to the Doors

I have been working as a soundproof consultant from over a decade now and during this duration, I have helped quite a few clients in soundproofing the homes, offices, garage, basement etc.

In most of the cases, I have found doors as one of the culprits in creating trouble.

First and foremost, you need to check the type of the door. If it is a hollow door, then I'll recommend you to replace it with a solid/ solid core door.

It needs a lot of effort to soundproof a hollow door, and the worst part is that you may not be satisfied with the outcome.

Bonus Tip: The thicker the door the better will be the performance.

If the door is solid/solid core, then you need to check for the gaps, holes, and cracks in and around the door.

Most of the doors have loads and loads of gaps, and many of these gaps aren't visible from the naked eyes. The sound waves can easily exploit these gaps to enter into the room.

So, what's the solution?

Well, the solution is much easier than you expect.

Seriously, I'm NOT blabbering.

You can use an adhesive such as Green Glue to seal the cracks and a weatherstrip to seal the gap between the door and the frame.

The aforementioned products are very effective in not only preventing the noise from entering the room but also in improving the insulation of the room.

4. Install Noise Dampening Curtains

Soundproof curtains are a great way to dampen the sound. These curtains are made of sound absorbing materials that absorb sound in the thread. 

They aren't expensive, and they perform equally well in blocking as well as absorbing the sound.

It is advisable to hang these curtains on the doors as well as windows for the optimum result.

Bonus Tip: Buy the curtain that has grommets installed in it.

There are many drapes available on the market. These drapes come in a variety of color, shape, and size. However, I'll advise you to NOT go with a high-end curtain because there isn't much difference in the performance of the budget and high-end curtain.

If you wanna know my choice, then I'll recommend you to go with Nicetown Full Shading curtain (Check Users Review on Amazon). Personally, I've been using it from some time, and the noise blocking capability of the curtain is amazing.

5. Install Noise Dampening Blankets

If you're tight on the budget, then I'll advise you to use a soundproof blanket. These moving blankets are a good substitute to the curtains. 

These blankets are very heavy and so they need a strong rod for hanging. The weight and the density make the moving blanket a great choice.

However, the main use of these blankets is to protect the household appliances and furniture against damage during the transportation.

Bonus Tip: For the optimum output, multifold the blanket, and then hung it.

6. Install Bass Traps

There are many options available in the market when it comes to dampening the high-frequency. However, we have very limited solutions that can effectively dampen the low-frequency.

I can assure you that Bass Traps are one of the best solutions when it comes to dampening the low-frequency.

If you want to combat the low frequency, then install the bass traps in the corner of the room.

Needless to say, the bass trap is budget-friendly and easy to install.

7. Install Acoustic Foam Panels

The acoustic foam panels can help in negating the airborne noise as well as the sound coming from outside.

You can install it on the wall behind the television or the music system. It absorbs the noise.

However, if the wall is made of plywood, then you can also install it on the wall to improve the thickness and the density of the plywood wall.

8. Install a Layer of Drywall

Even after installing the acoustic foam panel if you think that the solution is NOT up to the mark, then I'll recommend you to go for the advance soundproofing techniques.

Installing a layer of drywall using green glue can be the best option. The good news is that it is a permanent solution. 

So, what are you waiting for?

9. Add Carpet Rugs

Adding carpet is a great way to get rid of the echoes, reverbs, and vibrations. If you're getting noise from a downstairs neighbor, then you must install a thick carpet.

Another benefit of installing a carpet rug is that it will negate the noise caused by the shoes.

It also helps in minimizing the noise caused by something falling on the floor. 

All these benefits, you can reap by installing a good carpet rug.

10. Use White Noise Machine

All the aforementioned methods will take time. If you're looking for an instant solution, then I'll recommend you to try either a white noise machine or a white noise fan. Both can serve the purpose.

White noise machine can also help an individual to improve productivity by canceling all the unwanted noise.

White noise fan can be considered as an instant solution to the disturbances caused by external noise such as traffic horns and dog barking.

11. Try Earmuff/Earplug

Again, it comes under the instant solution category. If you're getting disturbed with the outside noise, then you can use earmuff/earplug to get rid of the disturbances.

If you are staying near the railway station, then it is highly advisable to use them when you're going to bed.

It definitely improves the quality of sleep.

12. Plant Sound Absorbing Plants

It's always good to be close to nature. This is a NATURAL way to get rid of the unwanted noise. You can buy plants that prevent the unwanted noise to enter the premises.

You can also plant them in the office premises.

What's better than this natural and cost-effective way to prevent sound from entering a room.

Wrapping UP:

Thank you for reading the article until the end. I hope this piece of information will help you to get rid of the unwanted noise.

Feel free to contact us for any doubt or query.

If you have used any other innovative method to prevent sound from entering a room, then let us know in the comment section.


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