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Neighbors Playing Loud Music During the Day | [Combat Now]

neighbors playing loud music

In this post, I'll walk you through the innovative tips that you can use to get rid of the noise created by your neighbors by playing loud music during the day.

You can skip this post if you've got a decent and matured neighbor who understand the problem that can create by playing loud music.

Unfortunately, I'm not a guy born with a silver spoon.

I was exposed to the unwanted noise very early in my life. The story starts when I was 6 years old, and my father bought an apartment in the airport area.

From the very first day, I and my mom have to suffer. Slowly and gradually, the unwanted noise started taking a toll on my mothers physical and mental health.

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She had to rush to the doctor for immediate relief.

For instant relief, my Dad bought one white noise machine and two white noise fans.

For the next few months, things were quite good, until my Dad got transferred to a metro city.

In fact, he got promoted, and so all three of us were very happy. If I'm not wrong it happens with every middle class.

The new place was very enticing. It was a golden period of my life. I was enjoying every moment of it except my next door neighbors.

In fact, I can very well recall, they were very rude and ruthless.

Still, I can remember their argument with my Dad for not decreasing the volume of the music.

Since it was a rented apartment, so my Dad was hesitant to go the soundproofing way.

What happened NEXT?

How my family got rid of the noisy neighbors is the story of this post. 

I'm sharing the practical experience with you to help you combat the noise in an effective way.

In short, if these methods worked for me, then definitely it will work for you.

So, without further ado, let's dive deep into the query :)

1. Sound Dampen Your Windows

The loud music can exploit either the widows or doors to enter your apartment. Sound deadening both the interface can give you a tangible result.

If you're worried that it may cost you a few hundred dollars, then I've got a piece of good news for you. I'll help you to get it done under $100.

Still, out of your budget?

Well, keep reading, you can get your window soundproof under $50 or less.

You are NOT daydreaming Folk, trust the words of a soundproof consultant with a decade experience.

First, let's figure out the problem so the solution can be effective.

Why the window is an easy target for the noise to enter an apartment?

Let me know what is your view in the comment section.

Close off the Window Gaps

Well, windows have very thin glasses, also gaps around the window frame. You need to work on both to completely soundproof the window.

For holes, gaps, and cracks in the vicinity of the window, you can use either Weatherstripping or Green Glue.

However, the gap between the wall and the window frame can be closed by the weatherstrips.

Weatherstrip is user-friendly and easy to install. It goes without saying that they are affordable and incredibly effective. (Check the price on the Amazon)

Install Soundproof Curtain

A permanent solution to the thin window glasses is to replace them with the thicker ones.

However, it may cost you a decent amount.

So, what is the cheapest solution?

No marks for guessing:) You can use Noise Reducing Curtains for this purpose. 

These sound dampening curtains are made of sound absorbing materials that absorb sound in the thread.

Bonus Tips: The thumb rule is the thicker the curtain the better it will perform.

It goes without saying that these curtains will enhance the decor of your room because they come in great designs and various colors.

I've written a detailed article on the noise canceling curtains. Have a look, in case, you are eager to learn more about these curtains.

I can assure you that by installing these soundproof drapes, you'll get a tangible difference.

2. Soundproof the Door

The next step is to soundproof the door. The process is almost similar to the previous one.

First cover all the gaps and cracks, using the weatherstrips.

Then, install sound dampening curtain or moving blankets on the door to prevent neighbors noise reaching to your ears.

If you're the first time on this blog and aren't aware of the moving blankets, then you can check my article on sound dampening blanket.

In the case of acoustical treatment to the door, you need to add one more step.

Remember, to completely block the gap between the floor and bottom of the door.

You can install a noise blocking door sweep which is very cheap and you can easily find it online.

3.Work on the Walls

Walls of a room covers a lot of surface areas, and you can't ignore them, in case, you're looking for optimum output.

However, the amount of effort you need to put on these walls totally depends upon the thickness and density of the materials used in walls.

For example, if the wall is made of plywood and is very thin, then the recommended solution is to add a layer of drywall to enhance the thickness.

In addition to drywall, you'll also need to install acoustic foam panels and bass traps.

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To completely sound deaden a room, you need to dampen both high-frequency as well as low-frequency noise.

Failing to neutralize any of these can lead to further complication.

Install Bass Traps

Bass are low-frequency and has the capability to travel through the solid surface as well.

So, the Bass Trap is used to dampen the low-frequency.

Have a look at the detailed discussion that we did on Bass Trap.

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The bass traps are very helpful in the case your neighbor is playing music with big subwoofers.

Install Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels are spongy like object which is used to reduce echoes, reverbs, and vibrations in the room.

The shape of these panels plays a significant role in reducing echoes. 

In fact, it changes the direction of the sound waves that come in touch with the acoustic panel surface.

You can find it in all the places that are acoustically treated. To name a few, audio recording studio, home office, video recording room etc.

Once you've installed these foam panels, you'll find a significant reduction in echoes, and reverbs.

I hope I've made the point.

Add a Layer of Drywall

It is NOT a must do step. 

However, if the wall is really thin and made of the material such as plywood, then you don't have any option, but to install a layer of drywall using Green Glue.

I recommend Green Glue because its a sound deadening adhesive, and adding the layer of drywall using Green Glue can literally do wonders.

4. Try White Noise Machine for the Temporary Solution

All the aforementioned methods can take time, so for an instant solution, you can try a white noise machine. 

It produces white noise which is capable of masking any frequency between 20Hz and 20, 000 Hz.

I've explain the functionality of white noise in detail in the previous post. In case, you're interested to know more about the white noise, you can have a look.

5. Talk to Your Neighbor

Though I've taken this tips at the last still nothing can be a substitute to your neighbor agreeing on not playing the music loud.

Here, your convincing skill and NOT the soundproofing tricks is going to matter in any way.

The next BIG question is, How can I convince my neighbor?

Well, the solution is simpler than you think. Don't overthink better expedite.

Meet your neighbor and explain to him your problem.

Don't involve yourself in the altercation with your neighbor rather talk to him politely, and try to convince him.

Be positive and precise.

If he his convinced, then you made your day and saved yourself a few dollars.

Wrapping UP:

I hope the methods that I've explained will help you to get rid of the neighbors playing loud music during the day.

Depending upon your requirement, you can use any or all the methods mentioned above.

In case, you've any doubt, feel free to contact me.

Sharing is caring!

Expect a social share, in case this article has helped you in any way.

Last but not least, if the neighbor is NOT decreasing the volume even after the repeated conversation, then you can call the cops.

Hope it helps!


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